John Gurda:
Acclaimed Milwaukee historian and celebrated author

Special Coverage

“No one ever asks why I think a book, particularly one as glossy and expensive as “City of Neighborhoods,” could do anything to solve the problems of the inner-city neighborhoods that take up so many of its pages. It’s just a book, after all, one that few residents could afford and fewer still might be interested in reading. I would agree, first of all; people struggling to make rent aren’t going to plunk down $50 for a book. But I would also point out that we have made 500 free copies available to schools, churches, community groups, and other nonprofits, with emphasis on central-city groups. And I would argue that perhaps the book’s greatest and most helpful impact will be on people who live in more comfortable surroundings. By giving places like Lindsay Heights and Metcalfe Park equal billing with the North Points and Bay Views of Milwaukee, we lift them in the public consciousness to a position of parity; their place in the city’s story is affirmed. My hope is that that knowledge will lead to understanding and understanding to compassion.” – John Gurda

Milwaukee native John Gurda is an acclaimed historian and celebrated author, who has spent his career educating the public about local history so that people can understand “why things are the way they are.”

Milwaukee Independent has had the privilege of reporting on Gurda and his work for years, and this page features a collection of those articles and photo essays.