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George Floyd | Milwaukee Protests

This page features news reports published by Milwaukee Independent about the George Floyd protests, the related Black Lives Matter movement, and their impact on the local community.

Editorial Note: We have published extensive features about racism since the very start of our news organization. This special “Black Lives Matter – Milwaukee” category was created to compile the extraordinary coverage related to the death of George Floyd, and all the intersecting issues since May 25, 2020.

“At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue. But why would I do that? It’s not their problem. It’s mine. People of color are being failed by the system. The white system. Like a broke pipe flooding the apartment of the people living downstairs. This faulty system is making their life a misery, but it’s not their job to fix it. They can’t. No one will let them in the apartment upstairs. This is a white problem. And if white people don’t fix it, someone will have to come upstairs and kick the door in.” – Banksy, [art © Banksy]

  1. Not Under Siege: Dispelling the myth that Black Lives Matter protesters have targeted police
  2. Unheard Black Voices: Milwaukee’s Sex Trafficking problem is another area of police neglect
  3. Black Americans have always been essential workers but continue to see little economic reward
  4. Police staffing levels remain flat even as Wisconsin law enforcement budgets skyrocket 60% in 30 years
  5. A Radical Black Voice: William Monroe Trotter and his effort to hold a mirror up to nature
  6. More likely to hurt than help: Police have proven they are not allies of women’s rights
  7. Defunding White Racism: How to end a system that sees social order as obedience to armed authority
  8. Those who declare the value of “All Lives Matter” seem to have little regard for so much of it
  9. A Sinful Debt: Reparations were never paid for the wealth extracted from stolen land by stolen labor
  10. Wisconsin’s Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition condemns Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobic Attacks
  11. Black Lives Matter: Teens Grow Greens nurtures more than just plants
  12. Protestors demand justice as Milwaukee Police officer charged for killing Joel Acevedo has first court date
  13. Truth and Reparations: A cultural shift is needed to eradicate manifestations of violence against Blacks
  14. A Message of Hate: Racial agitators use nooses to hang photos of murdered Black people in Milwaukee park
  15. The New Normal: Prolonged uprisings against injustice will continue
  16. Systemic Racism 101: Dear America, I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do
  17. Protests can encourage imperiled people for a day, votes can save them for a lifetime
  18. Thousands ride in unity across Milwaukee to affirm the message “Black is Beautiful”
  19. Wisconsin considers a package of legislation on police reforms that include use of force standards
  20. A Spiritual Journey: Milwaukee women celebrate Black freedom on Juneteenth Day with Emancipation protest
  21. From Dragnet to Cops: The media industry reckons with a long history of glorifying law enforcement
  22. Black Lives Matter street mural suffers rain damage following installation at Harambee intersection
  23. Dear White People: If you have ever said any of these things then you are part of the problem
  24. Ten names of American heroes that should replace Army bases named after Confederates
  25. Juneteenth Flag: Historic symbol of Black liberation from slavery flown at City Hall Complex for first time
  26. Wisconsin Justices issue open letter confronting need to recognize racial injustices in our legal system
  27. Poisoned philanthropy and the dangers of becoming the “white moderate” that MLK warned about
  28. Police-Free Schools: LIT student activists help convince MPS to end contract with MPD and redirect funding
  29. A “Black” New Deal: Racial equality is the great unfinished task of America
  30. Racist riots of 1919: Remembering the “Red Summer” that textbooks have conveniently forgotten
  31. Economic Emancipation: Closing the racial wealth gap requires the same bold thinking that ended slavery
  32. From Impossible to Inevitable: If any of us are treated as disposable, then we are all in danger
  33. Marching for CPAC: Youth group chalks messages around City Hall demanding police accountability
  34. Siri shortcut helps Black drivers safely record their encounters with police during traffic stops
  35. Juneteenth flag to fly for first time over State Capitol and City of Milwaukee building on June 19
  36. The Other Independence Day: Why Juneteenth should finally be celebrated as a National Holiday
  37. Zeynab Ali: If you weren’t black, maybe you’d still be alive
  38. Milwaukee’s latest Civil Rights mural honors local leaders and community organizers
  39. Beyond Casual Cruelty: Lawsuit accuses police of attacking journalists covering George Floyd Protests
  40. Almost 2,000 images from 12 Milwaukee protest events used to make photo mosaic honoring George Floyd
  41. River of Protest: 2020 uprisings join a long struggle against the disregard for black life in America
  42. America’s Cold Civil War: The Enduring Fight for Respect and Dignity by People of Color
  43. Commemorating Freedom: Juneteenth officially recognized as a holiday in Milwaukee County
  44. Senator Tammy Baldwin: Our March for Racial Justice
  45. The problem with White America’s enduring love affair of the Confederacy
  46. Milwaukee County’s housing initiative allocates $10M to prevent evictions and offer mortgage assistance
  47. 911 is a Joke: How our emergency response system became a nosy-neighbor hotline for white people
  48. Brown People for Black Power: Latino group marches in solidarity with BLM across James Groppi Bridge
  49. Franklin students petition school district to improve insufficient education about racial injustices
  50. Lack of Accountability: Police unions are a formidable obstacle in the struggle to transform policing
  51. Instigation and Accelerationism: Why far-right extremists protest the deaths of black people
  52. Trump intentionally spits in the face of Black America just by selecting Juneteenth Day for Tulsa rally
  53. Demonstrators pause outside police headquarters to hold “Black Lives Matter” candlelight vigil
  54. Racism and Shorewood: Eric Lucas talks about being spit on during peaceful demonstration
  55. When we divest resources from law enforcement we can finally invest them in community services
  56. The Inevitability of a White Backlash to the George Floyd Protests
  57. Black Lives Matter: Massive public demonstration makes peaceful march through Whitefish Bay
  58. A Legacy of Lies: “Lost Cause” myth distorted Civil War history to infect America’s soul with White Supremacy
  59. Tear gas used on peaceful protesters is a chemical weapon banned by Geneva Convention during war
  60. Milwaukee Pride marches in solidarity with Black Lives Matter
  61. COVID-19 disparities linked to broader toll of racism on African Americans in Wisconsin
  62. ACLU issues stinging criticism of Milwaukee police for aggressive actions toward peaceful protestors
  63. Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission denounces extrajudicial killings by police
  64. George Floyd Memorial Mural: Artists unite to inspire change for communities of color in Milwaukee
  65. Sterling Brown and Milwaukee Bucks lead thousands in peaceful protest march from Fiserv to Lakefront
  66. Senator Baldwin joins Congressional resolution to abolish qualified immunity for law enforcement
  67. Weaponization of law enforcement against African Americans predates Declaration of Independence
  68. Cookie Math: Pint-Sized protest gives Milwaukee’s youngest citizens a voice demanding equal justice
  69. Proof is in the Pudding: The public should lower expectations about major changes in policing
  70. Jack Davidson: An open letter to Milwaukee law enforcement on the “kettling” of peaceful protesters
  71. Peaceful protest for George Floyd marches into Wauwatosa as racial equality movement grows
  72. I am a black life: What a Jesus of Color would say to white police
  73. Common Council calls for investigation into use of knee by Milwaukee police to restrain protestor
  74. Milwaukee to create commission for examining police conduct and to reinforce community trust
  75. Jonathan Brostoff: A peaceful community means our neighbors are not seen as enemy combatants
  76. Enemy Citizens: How militarization has altered police culture to target the public it serves
  77. Definition of Violence: A distinction between destroying people and inanimate objects matters
  78. Slave Patrols: America has yet to reckon with the racist roots of our criminal justice system
  79. Alt-Right group threatens to assassinate Milwaukee activist Frank Nitty in effort to stop peace marches
  80. Thousands march from Bay View to Downtown in “Justice for George Floyd Peaceful Protest”
  81. George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery deaths show how racism is a life-threatening conditions for black men
  82. Wake-up Milwaukee: If Ryan Clancy is not safe from authoritarianism as an elected official then who is?
  83. Johnson, Crowley, and Obama: Three leaders respond to how people of color are being brutalized
  84. Days of Outrage: ACLU of Wisconsin condemns excessive force by police against protesters
  85. America nears its Tiananmen Square moment as Trump orders tear gas attack on peaceful citizens
  86. Police use George Floyd protests as pretext to escalate violence against Americans with impunity
  87. Patterns of Misconduct: Study finds police officers accused of abuse have a history of citizen complaints
  88. When Silence Kills: What has your inaction done to stop the deaths of innocent black people?
  89. Looting and unrest in some cities seen as acts of domestic terrorism by White Supremacist groups
  90. Mobile phone video of brutality against Black people should be considered sacred like lynching photos