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Video: Unwrapping all of Milwaukee’s gifts

Paralyzed at 17 for six month, Denisha Tate refused to accept the initial diagnosis because the condition stood in the way of her helping others embrace the power of joy. Guided by a deep sense of faith, her many years in leadership roles at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee have left a positive impact on a generation of youth in search of hope and their own best self.

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Video: On being a white parent of black twins

With a career that spans three decades in the music industry from a sound engineer to booking top artists for Summerfest, Doug Johnson is most proud of his other full-time job as being the father of adopted African-American twins. His holistic approach to life, persistence for social justice, and insightful parenting in action takes on racial issues with healthy and direct action. Johnson’s philosophy serves as an example beyond his living room and as a model to the segregated Milwaukee community for how to embrace and incorporate racial diversity.

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Video: The subtle forces of daily minutia

As a creative free-spirit who is loathe to be categorized for her artistic talent, Anja Notanja Sieger is best known for her poetry, storytelling, and performance therapy. With a passion for typewriters, the archaic machines symbolize her drive to create messages without the safety of an undo button, and her articulate fascination with the minutia of daily life brings an unacknowledged reality to light for the Milwaukee community.

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Video: We Shall Overcome

A crowd of hundreds attending the 33rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration on January 15. The program highlighted Milwaukee youth who interpreted Dr. King’s works through arts, speech, and writing.

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Video: If It Be Your Will

“First We Take Milwaukee – A Tribute to Leonard Cohen” was held at Shank Hall on January 6 with proceeds going to American Red Cross. This song “If it be your will” was performed by legendary musician Bill Camplin in front of a full house.

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Video: Jewish lessons for the other “Other”

After leaving the Jewish community of Milwaukee, where her grandfather owned a grocery store in Bronzeville, growing up in Salt Lake constantly showed Elana Kahn just how different she was. The experience taught her to become comfortable as both a Jew and an outsider, and how to celebrate “others” as a process for building a more inclusive Milwaukee.

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Video: Fuel Cafe Spoken Word

Creative professional Kavon Cortez-Jones gave a spoken word performance at the Revolution Spoken event at RedLine Milwaukee. The event was a verbal companion to the CultureJam MKE exhibition.

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