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Avalon Theater to host Miyazaki film fest

Studio Ghibli has produced the most beloved animated motion pictures in Japan for three decades. Eight of the studio’s films are among the top 15 highest-grossing anime films made in Japan, including the 2001 international breakthrough hit Spirited Away. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki, who is thought of as a combination of Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg in Japan, he is only the second Japanese filmmaker, after Akira Kurosawa, to be awarded an honorary Academy Award. Miyazaki is considered a cinematic legend because of his masterful storyteller style. His entertaining plots, compelling characters, and breathtaking animation of his films have earned...

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Public Hearing to discuss fate of The Domes

Milwaukee County Board invites the County Executive to Discuss the future of the Domes in a public hearing on February 24. The Milwaukee County Board will hold a public hearing on the future of the Mitchell Park Conservatory (“The Domes”) at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24th at the annex greenhouse adjacent to the Domes, Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., announced today. “We want to engage the community in a conversation on the future of the Domes, and we invite County Executive Chris Abele and Parks Director John Dargle to the table to discuss their views on the immediate...

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Sojourner offers new help to treat domestic violence with Family Peace Center

Sojourner celebrated the grand opening of its newly expanded facility, the nation’s most comprehensive center to help victims of domestic violence and their families, on February 4. Community leaders, partners, and supporters gathered at the 72,000 square-foot Family Peace Center for a comprehensive tour, the only day it would ever be open to the public due to the nature of its security requirements. Partner organizations are housed under one roof at the location, including law enforcement, legal, health, and educational support. The facility is designed to offer holistic services for domestic violence victims of all ages. “Just this morning...

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Milwaukee drinkmaker breaks Guinness World Record

Calypso Breaks Guinness World Record For Largest Glass Of Lemonade. Company makes and serves over 3,200 gallons of its famous original lemonade to shatter previous record on National Lemonade Day. Headquartered in Milwaukee, where its flavored lemonades are produced, Calypso was officially awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Glass of Lemonade ever made. Calypso’s World Record attempt was part of the company’s annual National Lemonade Day celebration held this past August in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We are extremely proud to be awarded a Guinness World Record, and equally proud that we broke the record with our same Original...

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Calypso: World Record Lemonade

Milwaukee-based Lemonade maker Calypso was awarded the Guinness World Record For Largest Glass Of Lemonade, in recognition of its attempt last August.

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State Bill threatens Milwaukee water supply

The Overpass Light Brigade held a protest rally on Bradford Beach at Milwaukee’s Lakefront on January 26, to bring visibility to the latest controversial legislation under debate in Madison. Assembly Bill 554 allows any Wisconsin municipality to sell its local water and sewer utility without requiring a public vote. The Bill would essentially privatize public water supplies. The only provision for review is if local citizens file a complicated petition. A vote on Bill 554 was accelerated to an earlier date, because of growing political fall-out. In its call for a protest, the Overpass Light Brigade stated, “Rather than...

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