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Flawed Math and False Promises: An 18 month review of the Foxconn Soap Opera

The Milwaukee Independent has closely followed the Foxconn story since the news was announced 18 months ago on July 26, 2017. With our past experience of doing business in China with the Chinese, Wisconsin’s business dealings with the tech giant were entirely predictable for how bad things would turn out. At the moment, no one knows what is going on with the promised factory in Mount Pleasant. There is a sense of uncertainty enveloping the plans for its operations. Reports have steadily shown that Foxconn will not produce what they signed an agreement for in order to get an...

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The Hop offers real-time data for riders to track next streetcar arrival at stations

Riders of The Hop can now see the location of an approaching streetcar to better plan their travels, thanks to the release of real-time data on February 12. The GPS-based information feed provides up-to-date positions for where streetcars are on the 2.1-mile route and when they will arrive at each stop, improving the passenger experience. “With slower conditions on the road today, riders can start tracking the streetcars now to get a better sense of arrival times,” said Jeff Polenske, Milwaukee Commissioner of Public Works. Thanks to the launch of the TransLoc Rider app, riders can take advantage of...

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Digital Arts program offers tools and training for closing the gap in Milwaukee’s digital divide

The digital gap across America, and specifically in a socially and economically segregated city like Milwaukee, presents challenges to teens and families in poverty who are just trying to do basic things like apply for jobs, complete homework assignments, pay bills, make decisions on major purchases, or participate in civic activities. City on a Hill is working to bridge that digital divide by partnering with the local nonprofit Digital Bridge. In a pilot program, young people gained computer skills to express themselves artistically and developed the technical skills necessary in many careers. Parents of youth who participated were given...

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VA Arts competition offers Milwaukee veterans an avenue of expression, healing, and redemption

More than seventy-five pieces of work were unveiled at the local creative arts festival, hosted by the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs as the first step toward the annual national competition. Local veterans enrolled for care at the Milwaukee VA were eligible to participate in the festival competition, and top winners qualify to attend the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in October, held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There were more than 32 categories in visual and performing arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics and leatherwork, dance, drama, and music. The festival and competition offers veterans a creative platform for self-expression. Many use...

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Omar Ibn Said: Digitized diary shares unique perspective of intellectual slave from West Africa

The Library of Congress has acquired and made available online the Omar Ibn Said Collection, which includes the only known surviving slave narrative written in Arabic in the United States. Omar Ibn Said was leading a prosperous life in West Africa at the turn of the 19th century, devoting himself to scholarly pursuits and the study of Islam, when he was captured, carted across the globe, and sold as a slave in Charleston, South Carolina. An autobiography that Said penned during his time in America is the only Arabic slave narrative written in the United States known to exist...

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NEWaukee celebrates ten years of helping the city be a more social-friendly place to live and work

The Milwaukee-based social architecture agency, NEWaukee, will celebrate its 10th anniversary next on February 8th with a free, public event hosted at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. The company has designed in-person experiences, with a focus on changing the way people connect, since it officially began on February 13, 2009. NEWaukee started as a group of friends hosting bi-weekly socials that changed locations and included live, local music. The founders believed that to build genuine, long-lasting relationships – people needed to meet on a common ground, doing something that they truly enjoyed together. What began as a...

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