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Safety tips released for motorists and pedestrians on sharing road with The Hop Streetcars

It has been decades since a generation of Milwaukee drivers, cyclists, or walkers had to maneuver the road with a streetcar. While many safety measures seem like common sense, an awareness campaign was recently launched. The purpose was to remind the public about the law and how to move in proximity to a Streetcar. The Hop is in Milwaukee and Streetcar vehicles are already on the tracks for testing. Knowing that residents are eager to get a closer look at the new and modern transportation option, HopSmart was developed as a list of tips to educate the public during...

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A photographic journey across modern African history inspires change in Milwaukee

Salim Amin, the Nairobi-based filmmaker and son of legendary African documentarian Mohamed Amin joined acclaimed Milwaukee filmmaker and photographer Chip Duncan for a special film screening and talkback session, around the new Charles Allis Art Museum’s exhibit “Inspiring Change: The Photography of Chip Duncan and Mohamed Amin.” The display runs through October 21, and features the work of Duncan alongside Amin (1943-96), the Kenyan photojournalist responsible for exposing Ethiopia’s famine crisis globally in the 1980s. When his images were broadcast globally in 1984, they helped inspire both Live Aid and We Are The World. Salim, who is chairman of...

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Marcia Thomas reflects on three decades of USA for Africa

During the Charles Allis Art Museum’s exhibit of “Inspiring Change: The Photography of Chip Duncan and Mohamed Amin,” PBS Milwaukee’s Joanne Williams spoke with Marcia Thomas for a few minutes about USA for Africa, and the Milwaukee Independent was able to film the conversation. Joanne Williams is the host and producer for the award winning Black Nouveau on Milwaukee PBS, which has received recognition for such documentaries as “Harry Kemp: The Photography Man” about the man who captured decades of images focused on Milwaukee’s African American community. Established in 1985, United Support of Artists for Africa is best known...

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John Gurda navigates Milwaukee history in new book about the city built on water

Expanding on his popular Milwaukee Public Television documentary, John Gurda explores the city’s complicated relationship with its most precious resource. From celebrated Milwaukee historian and author John Gurda, his newest Wisconsin Historical Society Press book, Milwaukee: A City Built on Water dives into the history of the waters that shaped, challenged, and helped make Milwaukee famous. “While every city owes its existence to an ample supply of freshwater, John Gurda’s masterful story shows how Milwaukee’s relationship with water goes way beyond the sustenance. This extraordinary book should be required reading for anyone living in a Great Lakes city.” –...

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UAV Drone adds a new aerial perspective to local photojournalism

What started as a military program to do battlefield reconnaissance without endangering the life of a human pilot, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can now be heard buzzing the skies of every entertainment venue or event in Milwaukee. The common bit of advice offered to prospective hobbyists who are interested into getting a drone is to buy two, one to fly and one to crash. As with any technology, it continues to improve and become cheaper which lowers the bar for adoption. Consumer drones are typically used for video, which still requires a level of skill to operate the vehicle,...

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Milwaukee families face separation and deportation as Speaker Ryan stalls DACA legislation

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on June 12 that he would schedule votes in the near future on two anti-immigrant bills that provided no guaranteed protections for DACA recipients, but reduced family reunification visas and provided funding to expand walls along the US-Mexico border. In 2016, Speaker Ryan memorably told a mother and DACA recipient named Angela Villalobos that she had no reason to fear being separated from her children despite Trump’s election. Ryan has since refused to allow a vote on the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for immigrant youth now in...

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