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Independent media is “not the enemy of the people”

President Trump’s “fake news” campaign and shunning of press diversity has led to a series of grave abuses against media and journalists, and threatens an already wilting American democracy. Since taking office, President Donald Trump has made a point at slamming those media outlets he views as contrary to his views, and that of his administration. While it is the prerogative for anyone to disagree with any given news outlets, it is another thing to actively seek to shut down, disappear, or altogether censor the media to serve one’s political agenda. As a matter of principle, the Milwaukee Independent...

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Blunders by news outlets did not prevent Mandela Barnes from winning Democratic primary

The candidate for Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor was left off the election notices of three newspapers just one day before the state’s August 14 primary, and he even had to convince a television station that he was still alive. At least the glitches did not cost him the election at this stage, winning with close to 68% of the vote. Mandela Barnes, a Democrat, is a former state assembly member. Yet a day before the election on August 13 a CBS News station in Milwaukee aired a report about a fatal motorcycle accident and a photo of Barnes instead of...

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New study shows LGBT leadership has positive impact on Milwaukee business performance

A recently released study shows that organizations and businesses with one or more LGBT people in senior leadership positions report higher overall firm performance than organizations with no LGBT leadership. The study was commissioned by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce and conducted by researchers at Marquette University. The report, Examining the Impact of LGBT Senior Leadership Representation on Business Outcomes, looked at whether or not businesses had LGBT people in senior management roles and what impact that had on business outcomes. “This study supports what we have been saying for years — having LGBT people in leadership positions,...

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Milwaukee native serving in U.S. Navy supports NATO mission an ocean away

A 1997 John Marshall High School graduate and Milwaukee native is serving our country in the Navy, living on the coast of Spain, and participating in a critical NATO ballistic missile defense (BMD) mission while assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Ross. Petty Officer 1st Class Shauntelay Bolds is a culinary specialist aboard one of the four advanced warships forward-deployed to Rota, Spain, a small village on the country’s southwest coast 65 miles south of the city of Seville. A Navy culinary specialist is responsible for the oversight of all food service preparation, sanitation and personnel. On the Ross,...

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MKE United seeks community input to form an inclusive vision for the Greater Downtown Area

The city of Milwaukee is experiencing a once-in-a-generation development in and around downtown, which is creating tremendous new opportunities for the City and its people. While many look forward to Milwaukee’s future, especially in the downtown area, it is important to be mindful that some of the area’s residents may not feel connected to the growth or to the downtown, fearing being left out or pushed out. New buildings, new jobs and new opportunities are moving the City forward in ways that are unprecedented. Talented people are moving to Milwaukee, drawn by the City’s development, excited by its evolving...

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City’s new high tech “smart” parking meters are consumer-friendly with familiar retro look

The City of Milwaukee will phase out the loathed LUKE parking stations, that clustered several street parking spots into a group kiosk, and replace them with high tech smart meters that resemble the traditional model used by cities since the 1930s. City leaders unveiled new smart parking meters on August 2. Over the next three years, the city will install these smart meters, each serving a left and right space, covering 7,000 metered parking spots. Drivers who needed to park in the city never embraced the LUKE kiosks due to their flaws and unintuitive usability, but had little choice....

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