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Photo Essay: Pabst for Paws

A look inside the mansion of Beer Baron and Wisconsin Humane Society co-founder, Captain Fredrick Pabst, on the anniversary of his 180th birthday.

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Pabst donations on 180th birthday honor animal charity

The Pabst Mansion celebrated the anniversary of the 180th birthday of Captain Fredrick Pabst on March 28, by partnering with the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS). Officially founded on December 5, 1879, the famous beer baron and patron to the city of Milwaukee helped to establish the organization as a result of the cruelty he witnessed towards animals in the city. “Captain Pabst had a lifelong love of horses, so he even contributed funds to create a lift for the Wisconsin Humane Society’s ambulances for horses that were injured,” said Brenda Nemetz of the Pabst Mansion. “Back in the day, there...

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Jason Rae: Politics and Gender Identity

The youngest person ever elected to the Democratic National Committee, Jason Rae is a political advocate for government accountability and works to build social equality for the LGBT community of Wisconsin.

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Fact Sheet: A Sustainable Water Future

The Executive Office of the President issued a white paper, outlining comments to action on building a sustainable water future. Page 12 features the plan by the City of Milwaukee. Water challenges are facing communities and regions across the United States, impacting millions of lives and costing billions of dollars in damages. These challenges are particularly problematic in predominantly poor, minority, or rural communities, where water inequality can go hand-in-hand with socioeconomic inequality. Recent events, including record-breaking drought in the West, severe flooding in the Southeast, and the water-quality crisis in Flint, MI, have elevated a national dialogue on...

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