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Congresswoman Gwen Moore’s message on surviving sexual assault

U.S. Representative Gwen Moore, representing Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District is also sexual assault survivor who is empowering women to say #MeToo. “All Americans deserve to feel safe in their workplace, homes, and communities, but every day women and men of all colors, creeds and sexual orientations face sexual harassment and assault. “As a survivor, I am relieved the #MeToo campaign has shed light on the scale of this issue. But not every survivor feels comfortable saying ‘Me Too,’ and tweeting is not enough. Now is the time to demand progress. “This violence is preventable, but only if Congress takes...

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Milwaukee makes formal proposal for Amazon’s second corporate HQ

As co-chairs of the Milwaukee 7 regional economic development organization, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow discussed the formal bid that the M7 was submitting to become a new home for on October 18. Because of confidentiality requirements, specific details were not presented to the public. But Mayor Barrett explained that Milwaukee’s proposal would not use gimmicks to attract the online retailer’s attention. “As I went through the criteria that Amazon was laying out, I was able to say over and over and over again, ‘check, check, and check.’ We meet those requirements,” said...

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Milwaukee Marathon course set incorrectly short leaves runners without qualification credit

The marathon was advertised as a qualifier for the Boston and New York City marathons, but because it fell short by nearly a mile its participants will not get USATF Certification. An internal investigation was launched after runners reported errors with their GPS, recording distances that fell short of the regulation 26.2 miles. This is the second year in a row that the marathon has plotted an incorrect length. The latest revelation comes with a backlash of disappointment, and general frustration over the issue of traffic routes that were not properly marked with detour directions. Any race that goes...

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Ali Velshi: How Fake News Grows in a Post-Fact World

“If you wish to avoid the purveyors of fake news who live in dark alleys, stay out of the dark alleys. Trust and support traditional journalism which is devoted to research and fact-checking and in-depth investigation of issues.” – Ali Velshi As a journalist, Velshi began his career to “speak truth to power.” Now he worries that fake news has subverted the meaning of truth, and talks about how the public willingly feeds the problem in his TEDx talk. Ali Velshi is a journalist and anchor with MSNBC, and economics correspondent for NBC. He has also worked with CNN...

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Moving beyond what’s “On the Table” to building “A Bigger Table”

“I still seek a Church that is not the least but the most diverse place on the planet. I still dream that the life of Christ can be fully incarnated in the people who bear his name. I want this faith to produce something more redemptive than choosing sides and building silos and pointing fingers. I want it to generate hope and yield goodness and produce mercy in ways that defy description and explanation and denying.” – John Pavlovitz While the city considers what’s “On the Table” in the upcoming community event promoted by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, author...

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