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The Muslim Mind: Cultural Misperceptions

This essay is part of a series that explores the Muslim community in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Independent previously published an extensive interview with Janan Najeeb. It was an effort to help our readers better understand the people of Islamic faith who live in the city, and address questions that were not the usual fear-based reactions to news events. As a result of the positive impact and popularity of Najeeb’s profile, the Milwaukee Independent invited her to offer a continuing editorial voice about our Muslim neighbors and their shared stories from the community. Fielding calls from interested teachers, perplexed employers,...

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Dennis Biddle: In and out of baseball by 19

Playing as a pitcher, Biddle said he earned the wordy nickname “The Man Who Beat the Man Who Beat the Man” for a victory his first season over Lefty McKinnis, one of the few pitchers who ever defeated the legendary Satchel Paige. | Q&A The record for wins at the age of 17 in the major leagues is five, set by Bob Feller in 1936. In 1953, Dennis Biddle, pitching in the Negro leagues, equaled that number. Then he turned 18 and won ten more, giving him 15 wins in his rookie season. Injury derailed Biddle’s baseball career when...

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Beulah Brinton of Bay View

A pioneer of Bay View, Beulah Brinton left her mark on the community with her compassion and humanitarianism and was the 1987 inductee into the Halls of History Museum at Forest Home Cemetery. She had a free spirit and strong notions about duties to her fellow men, and she carried them out. She was determined and dauntless. It seems that everyone who knew her, admired and loved her for it. I did. She was my great-grandmother. When I was nine, Beulah Brinton came to live with us. My mother, father, brother, and I occupied the old homestead that she...

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Map: Runway Dog Exercise Area

Dog Friendly MKE REVIEW: Runway Dog Exercise Area (Galoshes Required) Runway Dog Exercise Park Address: 1214 E. Rawson Ave. Oak Creek, WI 53154 April 12 was my first visit to Runway Dog Exercise Park.Humboldt Park is a mere five minutes from my house. So Runway DEP is about a 15-20 minute drive from my abode in the Bay View Area. But it was worth the trip, even if the experience was not balanced. My experience was merely my own, and no fault of the Park’s. I failed to understand the full gravity of the warning my fiancé gave when she said, “wear your...

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Video: Brostoff introduces Bernie

Rep. Jonathan Brostoff talked about the broken political system in Wisconsin during his introduction on March 29 for Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders at his visit to Milwaukee.

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Op Ed: What does Bernie’s win in Michigan mean for Wisconsin?

On March 9 Wisconsin was feeling the bern by extension of Michigan’s upper peninsula, the oddly shaped attachment on top of the mitten we call the America’s Dairyland. Michigan gave presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, a historic win. He beat predictive front-runner, Hillary Clinton, even after she was polled with a 37 point lead. To put that into perspective, Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in New Hampshire by just over a 8 point Obama lead. The 2016 Presidential race has been about the unexpected, and going against norms. All the usual suspects have been wrong in predicting what would happen....

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