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Op Ed: Vandalizing Wisconsin

In the five years since Scott Walker’s election in 2010, he has destroyed a century of progressive laws and policies, some dating back to the great reformer himself, Fighting Bob La Follette. This blog will show what he’s done, how he did it, and how his vandalism can be undone. There is a difference between a conservative and a vandal. In its most extreme form, which we see at work elsewhere today, vandalism can involve the destruction of artistic and architectural treasures thousands of years old. The psychology of a vandal includes self-hatred for his own lack of accomplishment,...

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Op Ed: Who will fill Scalia’s shoes?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away at age 79. He was a patriot to this country for serving in the office to the best of his ability when he was called up by President Ronald Reagan. With that said, it’s time to get what everyone really wants, who will become the next top Court Justice of the land? And how will those future decisions affect Milwaukee? Obviously, this will be a contentious issue and a hot point of conversation. Currently, the Justices are stacked to a degree where we have an even split, as even as nine...

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Jim Godsil: Rainbow street party of 100 names

With the assistance of wonderful weather, over 400 nurturing relatives and friends arriving during the course of the day, Milwaukee’s Jim Godsil celebrated his 70th birthday on August 22. Affirming his uniquely inclusive style, the festivities began with a relaxing bus tour and concluded with Godsil’s festive Southside Rainbow Street Party of “100 Names.” The date chosen honors the following important organizations in Godsil’s life: the 40th year of Community Roofing and Restoration – the main event sponsor, the 10th anniversary of the Milwaukee Renaissance Wiki Magazine, the 5th anniversary of the Sweetwater Foundation and the one-year anniversary of...

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