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Wisconsin Justices issue open letter confronting need to recognize racial injustices in our legal system

We the undersigned, current and former Wisconsin Justices of the Supreme Court and Appeals Court Judges, join with justices of state supreme courts and judges of appellate courts across the country, including those in Washington, North Carolina, Louisiana, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, to address the recent events that remind us all of the systemic and institutional racism embedded in our country and our legal system. This has been a time of reflection for many Americans. Yet, reflection alone is not enough. The anger and grief resonating across our country compel us to recognize that we must be part...

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Ellen M. Gilligan: Now is the time for racial justice in Milwaukee

“In the midst of a pandemic that has already taken such a toll on people of color, the death of George Floyd is another untenable example of how racism is the real public health crisis our community is facing. We must reach out to each other, and we cannot respond to violence with violence.” – Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley There are two public health crises in America right now. One is quite recent. One has been afflicting us for generations. Racism is our nation’s oldest sin and most vile disease, and I am grief-stricken that we are again...

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Wisconsin’s 115th Fighter Wing team assists state medical examiners with mortuary operations

Members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s 115th Fighter Wing Fatality Search and Recovery Team (FSRT) mobilized in April to assist the state’s medical examiners with mortuary operations amidst the COVID-19 response. The team’s primary task is to assist the medical examiner and coroner with the dignified removal and handling of decedents from their residence or on-scene, transportation, cleaning and decontamination. As part of the planning process, Master Sgt. Steven Ulrich, an FSRT member, took time off from his civilian position as a human resources specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to coordinate with state departments and...

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Japanese American National Museum says Justice Bradley’s reference to Korematsu case is offensive

Norman Y. Mineta, Board of Trustees Chair for the Japanese American National Museum, released a statement on May 8 in response to a comment made by Justice Rebecca Bradley of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, comparing the “Safer at Home” order by Governor Tony Evers to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. One of the goals of the Japanese American National Museum is to preserve and share the history of people of Japanese ancestry in the United States. As the Chair of its Board of Trustees, I am usually pleased to hear public figures cite sections of...

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Justice Bradley’s ignorance of history: “Safer at Home” order is not like the internment of Japanese Americans

An Open Letter to Justice Rebecca Bradley of the Wisconsin Supreme Court No, the “Safer at Home” order currently in effect across the state of Wisconsin is not like Japanese internment camps of WW2, and there is no chance that it will be. Being asked to stay at home to protect yourself and other people is not the same as being ripped from your home and taken to a prison camp where you are not allowed to leave for any reason. Being furloughed due to the tough economy brought about by COVID-19 is not the same as losing your...

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Wisconsin’s Citizen Soldiers continue lending assistance at Milwaukee County alternate care facility

Multiple Wisconsin National Guard teams are on site at the recently completed alternate care facility at Wisconsin’s State Fair Park to lend a helping hand. A team of Citizen Soldiers supported warehouse operations at the alternate care facility as it was setup, while another team of approximately 60 personnel are preparing to take on roles including patient care assistants, supply specialists, and miscellaneous support tasks at the facility. “We are helping organize the shipments that are coming into the warehouse here, and then we are helping bring all the material into setting up the rooms,” said Sgt. Andrew Minster,...

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