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Hey, Milwaukee, you are not on vacation. Take the stay-at-home order seriously

Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II issued a public statement on March 26 that Milwaukee residents must take the coronavirus Stay-at-Home order seriously, or face the severe consequences. The deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading fast among Milwaukee’s African American population, and it has already claimed the lives of several African American men here. But those deaths – and a strict citywide Stay-at-Home order – don’t seem to be getting the attention of enough people in the community. The coronavirus pandemic is deadly serious, and all Milwaukee residents need to start getting the message immediately! In fact, Milwaukee Police have indicated...

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The “Global War of Error” makes failure the new standard of success

As our infrastructure stinks, our schools fail, our country is a nightmare of inequality, and there is a self-promoting madman in the White House, it time to take pride in the rare institutional victories America has had in this century. None has been more striking than the triumphal success of the American war system. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but the U.S. military cannot win a war anymore. In this century, it has never come out on top anywhere, not once, not definitively. Everywhere it has set foot across the Greater Middle East and Africa, it seems...

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How internal racism and external disinformation campaigns turn us against each other

Observers often make the mistake of thinking that Russian disinformation is designed to pit the American left against the American right to sow chaos. But, in fact, Russian disinformation is designed to pit the American left and the American right against the American center, because it is in the great American center that democracy lives. It is true that, despite the many stories out there about how divided we are as a country, there is a vast American center in which most people agree about most things, including hot button issues like abortion, gun control, and immigration. In August...

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Fond memories from four decades of family, friends, and fish fries at Fritz’s Pub

Fritz’s Pub opened on September 28, 1978 as a simple bar, until it was remodeled and expanded to serve food in 1981. After that, it became known for is Serbian menu – particularly the “Fritzburger” and its Friday Night Fish Fry. Operated by the Djuric family for 41 years, it closed on October 11, 2019. Dragoslav “Fritz” Djuric was Serb from Belgrade who lived in Germany, and decided to start a new life in America. He moved with his wife Katherine, a Donauschwaben – an ethnic German from Croatia, and their three children – Maria, Stephen, and Joseph to...

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America in Crisis: How “We the People” saved Democracy from oligarchs in 1850, 1890, and 1920

With America experiencing a dire situation for the soul of the nation, a lot of folks have asked if America has ever been in such a crisis before, and what people in the past did to save democracy. The answer to the first question is yes it has, three times, although only once was this bad. In the 1850s, the 1890s, and the 1920s, oligarchs took over the nation’s government, controlling the White House, Congress, and the courts. In the 1850s, elite southern slaveholders took over the Democratic Party and insisted that they should have the right to spread...

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Frederick Douglass Day: The February 14th holiday that Hallmark makes no greeting cards to celebrate

“Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery. The Civil War, for the most part, dismantled the treasonous Confederacy. Yet Frederick Douglass inherently understood it would take more than words and war to grant African-Americans public register of their humanity. He had seen enough caricatures of blacks, their faces nose-deep in watermelons, or dangled above lakes as alligator bait. He despised drawings portraying his people with exaggerated features, slack-jawed expressions, or as giddy slaves. Such images, Douglass knew, reinforced white supremacy by presenting black people as simple-minded and subjugated. Douglass soon embraced a technological weapon to challenge his nation’s racism: photography....

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