2022 began with Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The traumatic war crimes against the Ukrainian people the escalating humanitarian crisis has strained the global economy and every level of civilized society. While taking place a continent away, the war remains deeply felt across America and at home in the neighborhoods of Milwaukee.

2022 also continued a third year with the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, but with the worst of the pandemic left behind from the previous two years. American Democracy remained imperiled, with weaponized politics undoing decades of Civil Rights work. But results from the midterm elections offered reasons for hope that America and its struggling economy could yet earn redemption.

While 2022 did not present the same risks of physical injury for reporting the local news as in previous years, the editorial staff of Milwaukee Independent experienced a new level of danger while witnessing the war in Ukraine first hand. As the first journalism team from Wisconsin to travel across Ukraine to report from Milwaukee’s Sister City of Irpin, in some ways the war came as a relief from the upheaval in America since 2016.

The Year In Review (YIR) series has evolved from a simple annual feature that highlighted top stories of the past 12 months. It has become a more summarized presentation of important themes packaged together for readers. This collection of editorial content presents the work of Milwaukee Independent over 2022, in a way that helps educate and inform the public who may have missed the stories originally, or want to see how the dots were connected on related subjects over the past year.

This 2022 compilation continues to reflect the transformational mission of Milwaukee Independent, in a format that explores deeply personal issues and documents those inspirational stories that serve as an example for the community.

This "Year in Review” series that highlights different aspects of the news coverage from Milwaukee Independent over 2022.
This "Year in Review” series that highlights different aspects of the news coverage from Milwaukee Independent over 2019.
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