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Just a few of the people behind the editorial work at the Milwaukee Independent, committed to transformational journalism.

The news we report is our focus, not getting credit for it. Often we use generic attribution when our staff wants to make sure the attention goes where it belongs, on the story. Our mission is to inspire and transform the Milwaukee community. However, the individuals listed here deserve recognition for their efforts.

Anna Miller

Anna moved to Milwaukee in 2014 and has never looked back. She has since come to love the city, and uses her past experiences as a travel writer and technology journalist to report impactful news stories about her adopted community and its vibrant neighborhoods.

Brianna Joy Seipel

Brianna Joy Seipel is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and curator who draws strength for her creative expressions from the natural world and personal stories. Her artistic work explores the power of landscapes to heal, invigorate, and transform, while helping others find the visual language to describe their own experiences.

Carl Swanson

Carl Swanson explores and writes about his adopted hometown of Milwaukee. “Milwaukee Notebook: The people and events that shaped a city” is his ongoing guide to the history of forgotten pockets of the city. It was also the basis of his historical book “Lost Milwaukee.”

Dr. Malika Siker

Dr. Siker is a physician based in the Milwaukee area, and an advocate for transforming health care delivery.

Erin Bloodgood

Erin Bloodgood is a photographer and storyteller who seeks to engage, inspire, and connect the community. A Washington DC native, she fell in love with the Milwaukee’s urban parks, Lake Michigan, and its ethnic cultures that continue to motivate her to discover the city.

Hannah Dugan

Hannah C. Dugan is an elected Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, and public servant mentee of Chief Justice Abrahamson.

Joe Brusky

As a public school teacher and union organizer, Joe Brusky became an integral part of the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) through his documentary-style photography, and is credited with expanding community awareness through his relationships with national Occupy networks.

Margaret Rozga

Margaret Rozga participated in Milwaukee’s open housing marches as a member of the Youth Council of the NAACP. In 1976 she married Father James Groppi. She is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha and currently serves as adviser to the Students for Peace.

Pat A. Robinson

His passion for photography started with a plastic Kodak film camera in junior high school, and has spanned a career of over three decades. From his early days as a US Navy photographer to work for the iconic Life magazine, the photos of Pat A. Robinson have captured a generation of people and events around Milwaukee.

Paul Haubrich

Paul A. Haubrich, PhD is professor emeritus at the UW-Milwaukee, and author of the book “A Journey through the History of St. Paul’s Church 1838 to 2013.” As chair of the Board of Directors for the Forest Home Historic Preservation Association, he has extensive knowledge of Milwaukee’s history and its founders.

Rich Zimmermann

Rich Zimmermann has been photographing music performances since 1971, specializing in Rock concerts. In addition to being a photographer of motorsports, he also does commercial work and marital celebrations.

Riley Reed

Riley Reed is an activist, photographer, and writer, pursuing a degree in political science and journalism at DePaul University, with the hope to study immigration law.