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Denisha Tate: Unwrapping all of Milwaukee’s gifts

“Those who understand that wrong is wrong, and that a righteous life does not except wrong as okay just because it’s not happening to me, that’s when change occurs. When we stop only caring about what happens to us and look at what’s occurring all around, and realize that it’s not good enough for anybody, that’s when it’s time to come together, without being afraid, and work together hand-in-hand to make life better.” – Denisha Tate

Paralyzed at 17 for six month, Denisha Tate refused to accept the initial diagnosis because the condition stood in the way of her helping others embrace the power of joy. Guided by a deep sense of faith, her many years in leadership roles at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee have left a positive impact on a generation of youth in search of hope and their own best self.

“Everyone has a gift. Milwaukee’s greatest treasure is the unpack each and every gift that exists in its neighborhoods. Imagine Christmas with a room full of toys, but you don’t open them all. How does that make sense? You would never do that, yet we have a city full of gifts that are sitting on opened and growing dusty.” – Denisha Tate

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