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Exclusive: 360° view of skydive at 2,000 feet over Milwaukee with precision landing

360° video, also known as immersive video, records a view in every direction at the same time. In the same sense of VR, a viewer can turn the camera to watch different views in realtime.

A 360° video camera was mounted to the helmet of a member of the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Demonstration Team for the Milwaukee Independent, to film a jump from 2,000 feet during the Milwaukee Air & Water Show 2018. This unique and first of its kind video allows viewers experience the entire parachute jump from plane exit to beach landing.

The Golden Knights serve as official ambassadors of the Army, having performed more than 20,900 shows in all 50 states and 48 countries. Their free-fall demonstrations are often the only opportunity the public has to connect with the U.S. Army and meet the soldiers who have the duty to protect the country.

360° still images were also produced, featuring the snapshot of a single moment.

Photo 01 – View of Lake Michigan

360° Photo 02 – In and Out of Plane View

360° Photo 03 – Jump Out Door View

360° Photo 04 – First Fall view

360° Photo 05 – Into the Clouds View

360° Photo 06 – Parachute Deployed View

360° Photo 07 – Over Beach View

360° Photo 08 – Landing View

360° Photo 09 – View of Touch Down

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