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Bill Introduced to finally end overextended Miller Park Tax burden

The bill is intended to end the collection of taxes, that began in 1996 with the promise of ending by 2010, no later than December 31, 2019.

State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) has introduced legislation that will end the sales and use taxes that have been imposed on residents of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine and Washington Counties for the sole purpose of supporting taxpayer funding of Miller Park.

“We can all have an extra special New Year’s Eve party that day,” said Carpenter. “Ending the Miller Park tax is one thing in which I think we can all agree.”

“As a Milwaukee Brewers’ season ticket holder, I appreciate the value the team provides to the entire area,” said Carpenter. “At the same time, I know this is one of the more unpopular taxes residents of this area have been paying for years and we are way beyond the end date as far as what we were told. I’m trying to really set the record straight.”

Carpenter alluded to comments made by former Department of Administration Secretary James Klauser, who served under Governor Tommy Thompson. “Mr. Klauser indicated at the time the tax would last no longer than 2014. We asked what happens if it goes past 2014? He said, ‘it won’t.’ Anyone living in these five counties knows, it has,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter’s legislation, Senate Bill 443, was introduced earlier this month and referred to the Senate Committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues. The bill has a variety of co-authors, with bipartisan support apparent.

In addition to ending the sales and use taxes imposed on the five-county area, the bill would mandate the Brewers stay in Milwaukee at least until the end of the additional tax on area residents.

“We support them. The Brewers shouldn’t have any problem with this in terms of returning the favor,” said Carpenter. “I look forward to 2018 and supporting our team.”

State Senator Tim Carpenter

Lee Matz

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