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Artworks showroom to open at Dubbel Dutch Hotel with focus on local architecture for Gallery Night

Landform Images Gallery plans to install a new showroom space inside the Dubbel Dutch Hotel. The opening celebration will coincide with the Third Ward BID’s Gallery Night and Day, on July 22 and 23. Owned and operated by longtime Milwaukee native Jessica Zalewski, Landform Images Gallery is a new organization focusing on contemporary Milwaukee artists. In its first showcasing, the gallery will feature a combination of Zalewski’s own photography and “black and white photography of iconic buildings and natural vistas in Downtown Milwaukee by local artist Karl Herschede.” The artwork will be shown to the public in the Dubbel...

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Members of legendary band U2 perform solidarity concert in Kyiv metro before visiting Irpin and Bucha

“Today in Irpin we received guests from Ireland. Paul Hudson, Bono, and The Edge – soloist and guitarist for the legendary U2 band, came by with words of support and an offer of help. Discussed the possibility of holding charity concerts of the band to raise funds for the reconstruction of Irpin infrastructure, including our House of Culture. It is incredibly nice to feel the support of the whole world and such people. Thank you.” – Mayor Alexandr Markushin, May 8, 2022 Irish rock band U2’s singer Bono and guitarist The Edge performed a 40-minute concert in a metro...

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Kinship with community: Riverwest Food Pantry changes name to emphasize serving the “whole person”

Riverwest Food Pantry, a community food center that has been committed to improving lives and growing community well-being in the Milwaukee area, announced on April 21 that it would become Kinship Community Food Center. The name change reflects the organization’s sense of belonging, priority for serving the whole person, and potential to engage people from all parts of greater Milwaukee. “Think of our new identity as an invitation to people from all corners of the city to come together to help each other thrive through belonging, giving, and receiving,” said Vincent Noth, Executive Director of Kinship Community Food Center....

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Milwaukee expands access to affordable housing on Near West Side with project-based vouchers

The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) announced on April 26 that it was allocating 149 project-based vouchers to housing development projects located within the geographic footprint of Milwaukee’s Near West Side. The vouchers would provide place-based U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development subsidies to help people afford housing in the private market. From 2018 to 2021, HACM partnered with the Near West Side Partners and Marquette University on their $1.3 million Choice Neighborhood Planning grant to develop a transformation plan for the Near West Side neighborhood. The allocation of vouchers supports the housing strategy portion...

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Bublr continues expansion of electric assist bicycles in Milwaukee with plans to add almost 400 in 2022

Bublr Bikes is adding nearly 400 electric assist bicycles to the bikeshare system in 2022, through federal grants as well as local philanthropy. The initial fleet launched the week of April 25 deployed approximately 100 E-bikes throughout the system. The nonprofit bikeshare operator of the city of Milwaukee said that the E-Bikes were class 1 bicycles that only provide power while the rider is pedaling. The electric assistance tops out at 15 miles per hour. Benefits of the electric assist bicycles include making cycling easier such as riding up hills or into the wind, increasing the distance a person...

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Urban Agriculture: Venice R. Williams appointed as Interim Executive Director for Fondy Food Center

Widely-known for her dedication to urban agriculture, Venice R. Williams became the Interim Executive Director of the Fondy Food Center on May 2. Announced on April 28 by the Board of Directors of the Fondy Food Center, Williams was selected for her visionary leadership of Alice’s Garden on the Northside of Milwaukee. “This time of transition is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the community and realign our mission. Venice brings abundant passion and purpose to lead this effort,” said Heather Deaton, president of the Fondy Board of Directors. “Her amazing gift of visioning, and her ability to build...

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