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Audio: It’s time for healing

This roundtable discussion took place at the D & S Healing Center with team members Dr. Kenneth Cole, Tracy Treacy, and Pardeep Singh Kaleka, all clinicians of color.

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Video: If It Be Your Will

“First We Take Milwaukee – A Tribute to Leonard Cohen” was held at Shank Hall on January 6 with proceeds going to American Red Cross. This song “If it be your will” was performed by legendary musician Bill Camplin in front of a full house.

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With holidays over, community services still need volunteers

With the end of December holidays and the start of the New Year, most 2017 resolutions are self-centered and particularly focused on diet and exercise for weight loss. It is an unpleasant context to realize that while some people try work off the result of over-eating, so many others do not have enough to eat. Or while closets are now too full with new clothing, some have little to wear against the rigid Milwaukee winter. Instead of ending the year with volunteerism, perhaps a resolution could be beginning the year by helping others. Volunteer Milwaukee, a service of the...

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Augmented exhibit weaves technology into artwork

The Spectacle Art Group will have its debut show, “Nothing Is What It Seems” on February 3 at Gallery 2622 in Wauwatosa. Spectacle explores using technology to enhance visual artwork. For this show, the group will use Augmented Reality (AR), which allows an artist to overlay extra content onto their physical artwork when scanned in a smart device. The AR technology has been around for years, but did not gain mainstream popularity until the Pokémon Go mobile app took the world by storm in 2016. The exhibit puts Milwaukee in the forefront of using Augmented Reality by blending with...

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Writing in Stone honors transformative ideas

Redline Gallery and renowned Wisconsin artist Terese Agnew announce a monumental art experience: Writing in Stone, a collaborative multi-media installation, will travel the state. Redline Gallery, an innovative artist-run exhibition, studio, and force for arts education in Milwaukee, and renowned artist Terese Agnew today unveiled plans for Writing in Stone, a compelling multi-media art experience that will have state-wide impact. A large-scale, collaborative work that incorporates the work of dozens of artists, writers, historians, performers, and skilled craftsmen, Writing in Stone is an immersive art experience that honors transformative ideas and events from Wisconsin’s past. The exhibit will travel...

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