Mayor Barrett announced the creation of a Commission on Police Accountability and Reform on June 5, with the mission to examine police practices and strengthen community trust among law enforcement officers in every neighborhood of the city.

“The tragic events in recent days and the history of police violence in America underscore the critical need for the City of Milwaukee, and every city across the nation, to take specific actions to examine and transform America’s policing system. Far too many black lives have been lost,” said Mayor Barrett.

The Commission will: Review the Milwaukee Police Department’s “use of force” policies and make recommendations for needed reforms; determine if the Milwaukee Police Department is institutionalizing President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Guidelines; assess the Milwaukee Police Department progress in implementing strategies in the Blueprint for Peace, calling for increased de-escalation and implicit bias training; review and assess progress in implementing recommendations from the Community Collaborative Committee; and respond to additional recommendations submitted by the community.

It will be tasked with engaging the entire community with special focus on the black community, including black males who face the highest risk of police violence. The Commission will also be required to complete its work within 90 days.

Mayor Barrett has embraced the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance pledge to address police use of force in the City of Milwaukee. Alongside mayors, city councils and police oversight bodies across the nation, Mayor Barrett plans to work with local communities to transform public safety practices.

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance is an initiative of the Obama Foundation that focuses on building safe and supporting communities for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity. The City of Milwaukee is a member of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and has been recognized for its efforts to advance black male achievement.

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