As the Rockwell Automation STEM Ambassador, Jay Flores knows how important STEM is to the future of the company and the world. He is spreading the word through his energizing presentations and outreaches to schools, community groups, and industry experts.

With a focus to encourage and motivate STEM students to become the innovators of tomorrow, Flores connects STEM to everyday life. His mission is to instill a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in young students by making STEM exciting.

“One of the questions I don’t hear enough of is, ‘what are some of the real life applications of engineer in the world around me?’ I think people see engineering as a distant thing, something that only really smart people do in their this lab and behind a computer all day,” said Flores. “There are relevant examples everywhere, like it is someone’s job to make sure that your cereal is healthy, that it gets to you on time before it expires, and that it has the right variety of different marshmallows or pieces of food in it – evenly distributed and not all the same color. All these little things are what people don’t realize, every single day, that there’s an engineer behind.”

This video was recorded on March 28 at Discover World during National Robotics Week.