“Many of us walk with trauma, and you can actually see it and feel it in a person. For the person in that space, they don’t necessarily know that is going on in their life. The traumas can be varied. My trauma is different than another person’s trauma, how it affected me and how it helps me or hurts me as I navigate through life. Those are the things that we feel become the most healing part of what we can offer for resolving that trauma.” – Tracy Treacy

The clinical work of D & S Healing Center integrates traditional forms of psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups, while offering an alternative range of cognitive and holistic approaches to wellness.

Based in Glendale, the staff of clinicians is one of the most diverse teams in the state. Their progressive approach has helped people from all walks of life deal with the lingering affects of trauma.

One of the most widespread issues troubling Milwaukee residents last year was the affects of Facebook and Twitter. Individuals, families, groups, and companies struggled to navigate a changing political environment, and the exposure to conflicting messages from new streams of communication.

This roundtable discussion took place at the D & S Healing Center with team members Dr. Kenneth Cole, Tracy Treacy, and Pardeep Singh Kaleka, all clinicians of color. The topics included dealing with trauma in Milwaukee as a result of a cultural pressures, social media, and a changing America coming to grips with new realities at different speeds of acceptance.

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