Editor’s Note: Events that have far reaching implications for Wisconsin, and directly affect Milwaukee, do not always happen directly on our local soil. But distance is not a barrier, buffer, or protector. This feature is our second eyewitness report from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, with stunning images and insightful observations from Milwaukee photographer Joe Brusky. He was a witness to historic moments happening in realtime. Brusky is vital member of the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) based in Milwaukee. The organization is a public art collaborative focused on social justice. It relies on a network of volunteers who are dedicated to peaceful protest and artful activism. As community organizer and co-founder of Occupy Riverwest, Brusky joined the Overpass Light Brigade to expanded the project and its social media presence.

Joe Brusky

Joe Brusky is a Milwaukee Public School educator of ten years, and current Social Media Organizer for the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association. He is a photographer and member of the Overpass Light Brigade, an activist collaborative public art project started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011. The Light Brigade Network has since expanded to over fifty chapters worldwide. His photographs have appeared in such publications as the Washington Post, Dissent Magazine, The Progressive, Labor Notes, and Rethinking Schools.

Read the article and view the photo essay that were produced as companion features for this news report.