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Author: Joe Brusky

Rally in Milwaukee calls for an end to violence against Palestinians in Gaza as full-scale war looms

Hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Milwaukee on May 12 in response to the latest escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel, which has reached its highest point in years with police raids and airstrikes that have killed at least 14 Palestinian children since May 10. The protest was organized by American Muslims for Palestine to demand an end to indiscriminate Israeli air strikes on the civilian Palestinian population, and the forced relocation of Palestinians. Israeli airstrikes have leveled multistory buildings across the Gaza Strip, where 2 million Palestinians have lived under a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade since Hamas took...

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Milwaukee holds march in solidarity with activists in Colombia who are being massacred by police

Milwaukee held a rally and march May 10 in solidarity with activists in Colombia who are being massacred by the police and paramilitary forces after days of labor protests. A national strike took place in Columbia on April 28, organized by trade unions against a proposed tax hike. The government quickly moved to repress the action across the country, deploying massive acts of violence to break the work stoppage. Columbians have continued to march each day in cities across their nation, and have been met with a consistent escalation of aggressive suppression. The Colombian military and police have been...

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Immigration advocates travel from Milwaukee to DC to Madison demanding action on promised reforms

Voces de La Frontera sent a national delegation of 41 immigrant essential workers and their families to Washington DC to be part of a national May Day march, and to mark the end of a cross-country caravan that covered more than 40 states to promote immigration reform. Despite COVID-19 fears, Milwaukee advocates at the May Day rally in DC delivered a strong message to Congress at the steps of the Capitol building, challenging them to deliver on the promise of citizenship for 11 million immigrants. “We stand with immigrant essential workers and demand they be treated as the heroes...

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Art build in Milwaukee creates banners for nationwide “torch relay” march in support of immigrant rights

Over the first weekend of March, Voces de la Frontera Action hosted a massive art build to paint the banners for the 34 Fair Immigration Rights Movement (FIRM) Network organizations that will be taking part in the “March to Victory – Relay Across America” to demand relief, recovery, and citizenship for all immigrants in the forthcoming COVID-19 reconciliation bills. Voces de los Artistas (VDLA), the VDLFA artist collective, hosted the art build at the INOVA Gallery of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on March 5, 6, and 7. Everyone who participated wore masks at all times, and project was limited to...

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Voting is Power: Milwaukee’s Latinx community installs “Black and Brown Lives Matter” Street Mural

Voces de la Frontera Action (VDLFA) and Voces de los Artistas (VDLA) hosted a massive street painting action and voter registration on to 700 block of Historic Mitchell Street, outside of the “Trump Neighbored Headquarters” in Milwaukee’s Latinx South Side on October 10. The street painting action is inspired by the Black Lives Matter national movement and is following in the footsteps of Washington DC and other cities across the United States that have painted massive Black Lives Matter slogans on their streets since the murder of George Floyd. The message is: Vote the racists out. “Wisconsin has one...

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Fired Comet Cafe workers protest at BelAir Cantina in demand of severance pay from former employers

Several dozen protestors gathered to demonstrate against their former employers outside the BelAir Cantina at Water and Humboldt streets on July 28. The Comet Cafe is owned by Mojofuco Restaurants, a group which also owns the BelAir Cantina, both Fuel Cafe locations, and other bars and restaurants around Milwaukee. The protest came after Comet Cafe employees said they were fired as retaliation for demanding safer working conditions. Owner Leslie Montemurro announced that the Comet Cafe on East Side of Milwaukee would close indefinitely on July 5, followed by the Fuel Cafe on Center Street in Riverwest on July 12....

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