“Years from now, Milwaukee residents will look back at this time as a pivotal moment in which we established who we are and built the foundation for our future. Jobs are growing in industries that will thrive in the coming decades. We enjoy a quality of life here in which arts, entertainment, and athletics exist at the highest levels.” – Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his 2018 State of the City address on February 26 at the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons to a crowd of hundreds. The Mayor’s speech highlighted Milwaukee’s progress and growth. Mayor Barrett emphasized the City’s efforts in strengthening neighborhoods, creating jobs, building healthier and safer communities, and improving educational initiatives in Milwaukee. These images document the event and members of the community who attended, in support of building a brighter future for the city.

“I’m very proud of the progress we are making to improve the lives of Milwaukee residents and the health of our neighborhoods. But there’s much more to be done. So today, I am issuing a challenge – let’s work together to improve housing opportunities for 10,000 Milwaukee households.” – Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee 

“We have made significant progress in building a shared and more inclusive vision for Milwaukee’s greater downtown. Through the work of Milwaukee United, we have developed a vision of how the growth and progress we’re seeing in the downtown – the heart of our city – can spread to the adjacent neighborhoods and beyond. We’re designing a 10-year strategic action plan focusing on jobs, housing, demographics and transit.” – Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

“Last year was the toughest budget year of my time as Mayor, and 2019 will not be any easier. Our bond ratings have been strong because we have good financial management practices. But our homeowners and businesses cannot shoulder the cost of services by themselves. The Public Policy Forum’s study of our revenue concluded that Milwaukee is alone among major cities. Unlike other major cities, we are forced to rely heavily on property taxes. And to make matters worse, the state does not share the increases in the sales and income taxes our city generates. It is time for the Governor, and the Legislature to empower Milwaukee residents to decide for themselves how to fund the services they need. I look to the business community and all of you to support this.” – Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

“I am both enthusiastic and optimistic about what’s next for Milwaukee – economically, socially, and culturally. I invite everyone in this room to join me in shaping our future, making sure the great opportunities ahead of us are broadly shared by all Milwaukee.” – Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee