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Author: Lee Matz

Talgo seeks to rapidly grow workforce as it expands train refurbishing work at Century City facility

Talgo’s President and CEO Antonio Perez invited Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and city leaders to view their Century City facility on September 12, as the Spanish company begins hiring more local workers to support its expanding business. The manufacturer of intercity and high speed passenger trains was recently awarded a $138.9 million overhaul project to rebuild up to 121 rail cars by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA). The four year contract is a joint venture with Systra, a Paris-based engineering firm, to refurbish 50 Bombardier rail cars operated by Metrolink. An additional 71 cars could extend the...

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Pride and Prejudice and Latinos: There could be a modern-day Anne Frank in Milwaukee who is Hispanic

In 2009, a book was published called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” which was a mashup of the Jane Austin’s classic 1813 novel “Pride and Prejudice” with elements of modern zombie fiction. It was a creative weaving of a Victorian theme with an apocalyptic adventure, and a prophetic example of inserting modern words into historical text. Growing up with family stories about the Holocaust and hearing how Jews hid across Occupied Europe, I was very familiar with the “Diary of Anne Frank.” I thought of her especially in the year we shared the same age of 15 when she...

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Golden Knights mark 60th year with precise landings from 12,500 feet at Milwaukee Air & Water Show

During the 2019 Milwaukee Air and Water Show, not all the objects that soared across the sky in defiance of gravity were made of metal. Some were men who fell to earth from high altitudes, only using flexible wing gliders – also known as parachutes. Observers anywhere in the flight pattern across the city could look up to see supersonic jets streaking across the sky during the Air and Water Show. But for tens of thousands of spectators along the Lake Michigan, their front row seats offered a special vantage to watch precision landings on Bradford Beach. Traveling at...

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Bel Leong-Hong shares insight with Milwaukee’s Asian community for economic inclusion at 2020 DNC

The National Chair of the DNC’s Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus, Bel Leong-Hong, met with Hmong business owners and Asian American community leaders in Milwaukee on July 19, to discuss ways to make sure they benefited from the economic impact of the convention next year and were not left behind as the city’s forgotten minority group. Diversity is usually simplified in terms of black and white, which often excludes Hispanics from the conversation. In Milwaukee, where Asian Americans comprise 4% of the city’s demographics, they are usually not even thought of as a minority population. The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber...

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LULAC members swarm Senator Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office in protest of “Kids in Cages” at border

On the same morning that President Donald Trump arrived in Milwaukee for a fundraising event, members attending the national convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) marched in protest to the office of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson at the Federal Courthouse on Wisconsin Avenue. The crowd of almost one hundred protesters chanted calls to “free the children” for nine blocks from the Wisconsin Center. Students wrapped in aluminum foil carried symbolic animal cages with dolls locked inside – also wrapped in aluminum foil, representing documented conditions within American detention camps at the border with Mexico. The...

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