The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) opened its doors to the public for free on August 12, a gift made possible by a community program from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF).

Since it was officially chartered in 1882, the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) has provided generations of area residents with immersive learning experiences that inspired curiosity, introduced unknown worlds, and offered memorable environments for quality time with family.

The Gifts to the Community program has offered unique opportunities for individuals from the Milwaukee area to make personal associations, while showcasing the positive resources of the metro region. Over the last three years, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s program has given nearly 300,000 people access to the unique and signature destinations. The free admission day at the Public Museum brought in an estimated 8,500 participants.

“Saturday was an uplifting experience, seeing families and neighbors, children and grandparents, old friends and new friends spending quality time together and enjoying the good in our community. That’s been a hallmark of the Foundation’s Gifts to the Community,” said Jeremy Podolski, Marketing and Communications Manager. “Everyone deserves to feel welcome and connected, and that positive energy was palpable at Milwaukee Public Museum because of this opportunity for access.”

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has been able to offer Gifts to the Community because of generous people who recognized that when people share positive experiences together, it strengthens their sense of community. With artifacts totaling 4 million, every visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum is an adventure in education and exploration, from a saber-toothed cat among the glaciers, to King Tut on his chariot, the fluttering butterfly garden, the Streets of Old Milwaukee, displays of American Indian culture, and a journey into space at the planetarium.

“When we partnered with GMF in 2015, we had over 26,000 visitors, the busiest weekend in Museum history,” said Dennis Kois, MPM President and CEO. “We’re so grateful to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation for their generosity in making this day possible.”

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Lee Matz