Cathedral Square Friends, Inc. recently launched of the “Color the Square” initiative, to have baskets filled with bright, multi-colored flowers hanging from light poles inside and around the perimeter of Cathedral Square.

The group is seeking sponsors to help fund the purchase of the baskets, their installation and multiple years of maintenance.

Seeds will be planted in the baskets in late winter or early spring at the landscaper’s greenhouses and will be flowering when the baskets are installed late spring on brackets attached to the poles. The landscaper will water the baskets throughout the summer to keep the plants vibrant.

Cathedral Square Friends is an all-volunteer group that is dedicated to improving Cathedral Square for the benefit of all Milwaukeeans. Color The Square is the first of many initiatives the organization has planned to give new life to this historic public gathering place in the heart of Milwaukee.

“Cathedral Square is older than the city itself, dating back to 1837 when Milwaukee’s founders donated the land to the public. The square has played an important role throughout Milwaukee’s history and we believe it remains a vital public space for the residents of Milwaukee today. Color the Square is the first step towards bringing it the new life and vibrancy it deserves,” said Dave Reid, President of Cathedral Square Friends.

Cathedral Square in Downtown Milwaukee will be more colorful next summer if the initiative of Cathedral Square Friends succeeds. The mission of Cathedral Square Friends is to support, maintain and enhance Cathedral Square as a historic public gathering place.

Cathedral Square Friends

Lee Matz and Cathedral Square Friends