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Tattoo convention draws inked bodies as living art

“But what is shape? Only a cup for the blazing soul that God provides us all.” ― Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man Philadelphia-based tattoo convention organizers, Villain Arts, returned to America’s Dairyland for the 8th year to host their traveling tattoo arts event over the September 15 weekend. The Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Convention hosted hundreds of the finest professional tattooers, tattoo memorabilia, and a curiosity-themed carnival of sideshow performers. The sprawling exhibition has produced annual appearances nationwide for more than two decades. This year Villain Arts added four major cities to its annual convention circuit, including Houston, Denver, and...

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Beloved Pete Tsitiridis brings food, family, and the future to MLK Drive

“You can’t just love Pete, you have to understand why you love Pete. He took a young man, living in low income, with a single parent mother, and it was not always the best the neighborhood. But that’s not what he saw. He saw a young man who was working hard, who wanted something out of life. Pete took him under his wings, and brought him into his family. Today, this young man was able go to college because of Pete’s Fruit Market. This young man was able to represent his community because of Pete’s Fruit Market. This young...

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Stacey Williams-Ng: Big fish and lots of joy

“One thing I love about mural art is being out in the open and getting to meet passers by. I had one woman come by and introduce herself, and say ‘thank you’ for investing in my community, and gave me a big hug. And that really meant a lot to me. We had two children from the children’s center come out and look at the mural, and one of them kept exclaiming ‘big fish.’ Later I found out that the child is legally blind, and that the fish are so big she was able to actually see them, which...

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John Ridley’s comic book sequel continues journey of black hero in alternate timeline

Oscar-winning writer John Ridley returned to comic books with “The American Way: Those Above and Those Below,” uniting with his series artist Georges Jeanty. The six-issue monthly miniseries hit the shelves over the summer, published under DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint. Staying true to The American Way, this sequel will explore historically significant sociopolitical and racial themes still relevant today. The story picks up in 1972, the year of Richard Nixon, Angela Davis, Watergate and the Weather Underground, when social and political tensions in America were at an all-time high. “On the 10-year anniversary of the series, it feels both...

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Documentary about Packers fandom in Japan seeks Kickstarter funding

Film tells the once-in-a-lifetime story of Japanese Green Bay Packers fans traveling to the United States to see their very first Packers game, live and in person. Green Bay Packers have the smallest market share of any NFL team, but they have the most loyal fans, both across the country and outside of it. In Japan, there is a small but fervent pocket of incredibly devoted and excited Packers fans. Not expats, but Japanese citizens who have come to love all things Packers and Green Bay. They are the Japanese Packers Cheering Team, and the group plans to travel...

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