Author: Yolanda Medina

Scattering CJ: The loss of one begins the journey of many

We as a nation join on Memorial Day, in solemn remembrance, and to grieve our service members lost in battle. We plant flags, we lay wreaths, we stand united in our sorrow. But an ever-growing group of mourners looks for their place of belonging and grief sharing for those lost because of the PRICE of war. The family and friends effected by military and veteran suicide. In a 2019 Department of Veterans Affairs report, an average 17 U.S. veterans die by suicide daily. This is about 1.5 times that of nonveterans. In that same year, the Pentagon reported that...

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Yolanda Medina: The vital role of Latinx women in the United States military

As part of Women’s History Month, local veteran Yolanda Medina shared her thoughts about the contributions of Latinx women in the military, and experiences from her own service in the United States Marine Corps. President Biden said this in his 2021 declaration “Throughout American history, women and girls have made vital contributions, often in the face of discrimination and undue hardship… Our history is also replete with examples of the unfailing bravery and grit of women in America, particularly in times of crisis and emergency— especially the millions [of women] from diverse communities who have strengthened America across every...

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