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Author: Thom Hartmann

Elusive dream of gun control: America should prepare for another decade of slaughtered schoolchildren

Democrats are gearing up for policy battles in the House and Senate over “gun safety.” They should also be preparing for a decades-long war over “gun control.” In 1977, Harlan Carter and a group of his friends staged a coup within the senior ranks of the NRA, flipping it from a gun-safety-oriented sportsman’s club into a “no compromise” (Carter’s phrase) lobbying and PR group for the gun industry. Carter was the perfect man for the job of filling America with guns, championing the slaughter of schoolchildren, and amping us up to around 45,000 gun deaths a year — more...

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Why a perfect storm of financial hardship is the Republican legacy of Reagan’s deregulated economy

The CEO of America’s largest bank is worried, and for good reason. On June 1, the Fed started something it has not done for quite a while. It started dumping bonds. The Fed has been goosing the economy steadily since the Bush Crash of 2008, buying US and corporate bonds with money it creates out of thin air (only the Fed can “print money” like this by simply willing the dollars into existence). By purchasing and holding those bonds over the past 14 years, the Fed has created and then flushed into our economy $8 trillion in liquid cash....

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Embracing the Dark Side: How Republicans are learning at the feet of the master to promote Authoritarianism

Republicans believe that Hungarian strongman Viktor Orbán has figured out the “secret sauce” to turn a republic into a hard-right oligarchy, and today they’re in Budapest drinking deep from his insights on the fine points of destroying democracy. In two speeches this week, Orbán laid out his Hungarian version of the racist American “Great Replacement Theory,” trashed Jewish financier George Soros as a proxy for Jews around the world, reiterated the importance of having friendly rightwing billionaires seize control of a nation’s media, and attacked societies that allow gay marriage and tolerate trans people as engaging in “gender madness.”...

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Why it is finally time to talk about what a fascist government in control of America would look like

It is time to talk about what an American fascist government would look like. The word “fascism” gets thrown around a lot, but most Americans have no idea what it would look like or how it would actually play out. It is critical to lay out what a fascist America would look like now because this is what is being envisioned right now by many in the Republican Party, and it might come to pass. They don’t talk about it out loud very much, like Nixon’s man G. Gordon Liddy used to back in the day when he signed memos...

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Destruction of Trust: The most important aspect of a democracy that enemies relentlessly target first

The crisis with the Supreme Court; the racist mass shooter in Buffalo; Republican primary candidates trying to one-up each other on how they will refuse to count all the ballots in the 2024 election; and our hitting 1 million deaths from COVID all derive from the same thing: the destruction of trust. Donald Trump destroyed our trust in our public health institutions for his own political gain, so we have massively more Covid deaths than, for example, Australia. As the New York Times noted this weekend: “If the United States had the same COVID death rate as Australia, about...

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Weapons of Mass Hate: Why the poison that is racism has never improved America’s condition

The Republican Party has a terrorism problem, and the failure of the party’s leadership and members to call it out after the terrorist attack in Buffalo suggests they are just fine with it. The only high-profile Republican to have said a serious negative word against “White replacement terrorists” within the party was Liz Cheney, who tweeted: “The House GOP leadership has enabled White Nationalism, White Supremacy, and anti-semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse. @GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.” Of all the politically motivated...

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