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Author: Thom Hartmann

Echoes of 1933 Europe: The effort to install authoritarian is closer than most Americans think

History shows that most democratic nations do not realize how serious their fascism problem is until it overtakes them altogether. We saw it in the 1930s in Italy, Germany, Spain, and Japan. Today it is happened in Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, the Philippines, and Brazil, and is well underway in Poland, India, and multiple smaller countries. Here in America, the GOP has a serious fascism problem, and it is endangering all of us. It is closer than most of us realize. Fascism isn’t just about the merger of oligarch and state interests; it also requires a repudiation of the...

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The road to oligarchy: Why cruelty has become performance art for Republicans loyal to Trump

People are hungry and homeless in America, literally over a million children go to bed hungry, but all the Republicans care about is their tax cuts and deregulation. Where, media pundits wonder out loud as they wring their hands, does this cruelty come from, and why has the GOP so enthusiastically embraced it? The necessary precondition to cruelty is dehumanization, the otherizing of people, reducing them from fellow-human status to an “other” and a “them.” The ability to do this is a survival skill buried deep in our evolution: we have to set aside empathy to kill an animal...

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Algorithms and Addiction: How people are jolted with highs from social media

The difference between cocaine and crack cocaine is almost entirely one of pH, the relative scale of acidity or alkalinity. Regular cocaine in its original plant form, coca leaf, is commonly consumed by people across the mountainous parts of South America and has been for millennia, much as caffeine has been used through drinking tea in parts of Asia. It causes little to no harm; people can drink coca tea with no more impact than the caffeine from a soft drink. But when you concentrate and tweak the compound just slightly to make it more alkaline (called “base” in...

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Tent Cities: Zillow study shows how Wall Street is causing homelessness while profiting from the harm

It seems that everywhere you look in America you see the tragedy of homelessness. Rarely, though, do we hear that Wall Street is helping cause it. Thirty-two percent seems to be the magic threshold, according to new research funded by the real estate listing company Zillow. When neighborhoods hit rent rates in excess of 32 percent of neighborhood income, homelessness explodes. And we are seeing it play out right in front of us in cities across America because a handful of Wall Street billionaires want to make a killing. Housing prices have gone out of control since my dad...

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Black Flag: Trump’s agenda remains an open declaration of war on democracy itself

Trump’s agenda is to destroy democracy in America, and the GOP and their billionaire donors are going along with it while much of the media are treating it like politics as usual. It is a two-part plan that involves both corrupting our election processes and fomenting a violent “rebellion” by White Supremacists to shatter our society. Part one is to end free and fair elections in America. The latest bombshell has become the most under-reported and misunderstood story of the week, when Donald Trump threatened the Republican Party. On October 13 I got a fundraising email, he averages around 5...

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We Deserve Better: How the unlimited political bribery of dark money robs Americans of quality health care

“I live in Sweden. We have social security, affordable health care, strict gun laws, 5 weeks paid annual leave, 1 year maternity leave, etc. And no, we’re not a communist country, and not even strictly socialistic but socio-democratic. And our freedom is not inhibited. For example, health care can cost a maximum of around $130 per year for visits to health care centrals etc., hospital nights costs $12 per night with a $175 roof per month. Prescription drugs have a yearly roof of $250.” – Caroline @SweResistance, Twitter Sweden is a democratic republic that practices an economic system often...

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