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Politics and Puppets: How oligarchs profit from Trump’s division of Americans

I keep hearing that the Democratic party has moved “left” and that Democratic candidates may be “too far left.” But in an era of unprecedented concentration of wealth and political power at the top, I can’t help wondering what it means to be “left.” A half-century ago, when America had a large and growing middle class, those on the “left” sought stronger social safety nets and more public investment in schools, roads and research. Those on the “right” sought greater reliance on the free market. But as wealth and power have concentrated at the top, everyone else – whether...

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Proposal for new Great Lakes oil pipeline is latest threat to 90% of the nation’s freshwater

A coalition of environmental groups and newly elected Democrats in Michigan are seeking to shut a controversial pipeline through the Great Lakes they say represents a major environmental threat and is being run by a company with a long record of mismanagement, poor safety habits and deception. Canadian oil giant Enbridge wants to replace an aging pipeline called Line 5 that cuts through the Great Lakes, which hold more than 90% of the nation’s freshwater. It transports about 540,000 barrels of oil and liquid natural gas daily in 4.4 miles of pipelines that are exposed on the lake floor...

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No Worker Left Behind: Why the economy works better with opportunities for all citizens

Every day Carol Ruiz wakes up at 3:30 am and goes to an airline catering service at Newark airport, where she helps prepare the food carts that flight attendants push up and down the aisle. She organizes the napkins, creamers, sugar and cups that go on the beverage cart, cleans the glasses and silverware, and diligently tracks the champagne that goes on the carts for first class passengers. At the end of her 40-hour week she takes home $345. The average airline CEO makes that amount in about 20 minutes. Last year, while Carol was undergoing treatment for cancer,...

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Leaked database reveals efforts by ICE to target journalists who report on immigration

Secret database listed 59 advocates and journalists tied to the migrant caravan, according to leaked documents. Photojournalist Ariana Drehsler was stopped for a secondary screening three separate times in one week while crossing the US-Mexico border to cover the migrant caravan in Tijuana this winter – unaware that the journey she had taken countless times before was suddenly more complicated because her name was logged in a secret government database. That database, part of something called Operation Secure Line, listed 59 advocates and journalists tied to the migrant caravan, according to leaked documents obtained by local news station NBC...

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March 15 School Strike: Students worldwide join Greta Thunberg to demand action on climate change

The 16-year-old’s lone protest last summer has morphed into a powerful global movement challenging politicians to act. Greta Thunberg is hopeful the student climate strike on March 15 can bring about positive change, as young people in more and more countries join the protest movement she started last summer as a lone campaigner outside the Swedish parliament. The 16-year-old welcomed the huge mobilization planned in the UK, with demonstrations by tens of thousands of school and university students in Australia, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Japan, and more than a dozen other countries. “I think enough people have realized...

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Our leaders are not failing America because their brand of corruption is what we voted for

“Everybody wants to communicate and express their opinions, and I think human beings are created that way by nature, and people that allow themselves to do it, there’s some kind of therapeutic value for that.” – Mark Bryan, artist Trump supporters long ago decided to discount, dismiss, disbelieve, indulge, ignore, endorse, excuse or otherwise rationalize his appalling behavior. Evidence of sexual harassment, misogyny, bigotry and lying were all fully apparent when they put him in the White House. Back then 81% of white evangelicals voted for the man who had five children from three different women – imagine for...

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