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Author: Lee Matz

Photo Essay: Political possibilities at Founders Day Gala

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DWP) held its Founders Day Gala at the Wisconsin Center on April 2. The event was partly a celebration, and partly a last pitch by the two Democratic Presidential candidates before Wisconsin’s Spring Primary held on April 5. Many of those in attendance are running for various local and state-wide offices, to be decided this Tuesday. The Photo Essay captures a moment before the election when anything is still possible. “There is one campaign which has created an enormous amount of excitement and enthusiasm, and that is our campaign.” – Senator Bernie Sanders “Think about all...

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Joel Brennan: Public service outside public office

From working on election campaigns for Tom Barrett to his own bid for political office, Joel Brennan redirected his passion for public service to building a vibrant cultural community within Milwaukee to inspire a generation of children with the possibilities of science, and a transformative education that gives underprivileged youth the foundation to dream about future careers in water technology. | Q&A with Joel Brennan Milwaukee Independent: Who was your mentor growing-up, or the most influential person on your development? Joel Brennan: I grew up the second youngest of 11 kids, so I didn’t lack for mentors and influences in...

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White House Summit to spotlight Milwaukee for water innovation

“Milwaukee is the Silicon Valley of water innovation right now.” Ali Zaidi The Obama Administration will host the first-ever White House Water Summit during World Water Day to raise awareness of the national importance of water. As part of the March 22 meeting, the City of Milwaukee will announce that the International Water Association will be establishing its first North American regional office in Milwaukee. The city will also introduce a new partnership with the Water Council, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and Marquette University. The aim of this collaboration will be to build or attract water-focused entrepreneurs...

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How Anime silently desegregates Milwaukee

It is easy to miss signs of progress in race relations when perennial headlines overwhelmingly lament Milwaukee as being the most segregated city in America. But there is a small success story that has gone completely under the radar, mostly because it has happened organically and is not a result of organized civic mandates. It also involves a subject for which the general public has traditionally lacked a deep understanding. What achieved this bridge between the racial gulfs in Milwaukee was the exposure over the past decade to a foreign pop culture phenomenon called Anime. The result of this...

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