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The “Brilliance” of Creativity: Young artist with autism designs new 88Nine t-shirt

88Nine Radio Milwaukee has a membership drive each spring, with the most tangible highlight being an exclusive t-shirt designed by local artists for new members. The station collaborated with Islands of Brilliance for 2019’s iconic creation. Membership Manager Maggie Corry works with local artists each year to produce a new member t-shirt, and selected design must achieve three objectives: 1. Create something special for contributing members to thank them for their support, 2. Capture the “feel” and brand of Radio Milwaukee, and 3. Allow the artists to express their individual vision and interpretation of what Radio Milwaukee means to...

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Laura Wozniak: On being gay and missing my United Methodist family

When people ask about my relationship with religion, I tend to fall back to the Facebook option, “it’s complicated.” The United Methodist Church (UMC) I was raised in was actively warm and unconditionally loving. It was a place where I was safe to explore my identity and free to be anyone I wanted. In my adolescence, that meant experimenting with outfits as much as ideologies. To their credit, my church family never withheld their support, although my parents likely had some interesting conversations. As I grew older, I began learning about the incredible pain that other people were causing...

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William H. Metcalf: Iconic pictures of 1870s Japan were taken by an amateur Milwaukee photographer

Although professional photography studios already crowded the Japanese treaty port of Yokohama by the 1870s, Milwaukee native William Henry Metcalf was one of the first amateur photographers who brought his own camera on a trans-Pacific trip to Japan. Metcalf’s views represented the earliest photographic images of Japan, stereograph or otherwise, published in the United States. “More than a decade before portable Kodak cameras ushered in a new era of amateur photography, Metcalf commissioned his friend and fellow photographer Henry Hamilton Bennet to construct a portable travel camera, equipped with both photographic and stereoscopic lenses. He arrived in Yokohama in...

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Unearthed time capsule travels back to Milwaukee and confirms legend about Clement J. Zablocki

One last glance prevented more than a half-century of Milwaukee VA history from ending up in small-town landfill in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. After a long and circuitous route, resulting from a year-long delay due to health issues, a time capsule from 1963 that was unearthed during a construction project at the Milwaukee VA, was rediscovered in a garage on a dairy farm near Cashton, Wisconsin, about 30 miles east of La Crosse. “That was going to go into our village garbage pit,” said Earl Laufenberg, an Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. “They just happened to shake...

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Hearts and Minds: Depiction of grim reality from Iraq War wins VA art competition

Luke Yanny left Iraq War behind in 2004 and came home to Milwaukee, but he brought the trauma of the battlefield with him. His father was the first to understand that something was not right with his son. “He’s the one who hauled me in here to VA to get help,” Yanny said. “Also got hauled in by the police for a ‘drunk and disorderly,’ and spent some time as an inpatient,” Yanny said. “I came home and I was a mess. I was a huge mess for a good year and a half.” When he closed his eyes,...

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Angela Damiani: Building transformative relationships with inclusion to counter social isolation

The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery hosted NEWaukee’s 10th anniversary celebration on February 8, highlighting the organizations efforts over the years to lower the social barriers in Milwaukee so that residents can build meaningful relationships. Since February 13, 2009, the social architecture agency has worked to design in-person experiences, with a focus on changing the way people connect in a socially and economically segregated city. NEWaukee’s initiatives have had a profound impact on the local community, from the Night Market along Wisconsin Avenue to YPWeek that has expanded across Wisconsin. Co-founders Angela Damiani and Jeremy Fojut shared...

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