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Unearthed time capsule travels back to Milwaukee and confirms legend about Clement J. Zablocki

One last glance prevented more than a half-century of Milwaukee VA history from ending up in small-town landfill in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. After a long and circuitous route, resulting from a year-long delay due to health issues, a time capsule from 1963 that was unearthed during a construction project at the Milwaukee VA, was rediscovered in a garage on a dairy farm near Cashton, Wisconsin, about 30 miles east of La Crosse. “That was going to go into our village garbage pit,” said Earl Laufenberg, an Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. “They just happened to shake...

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Hearts and Minds: Depiction of grim reality from Iraq War wins VA art competition

Luke Yanny left Iraq War behind in 2004 and came home to Milwaukee, but he brought the trauma of the battlefield with him. His father was the first to understand that something was not right with his son. “He’s the one who hauled me in here to VA to get help,” Yanny said. “Also got hauled in by the police for a ‘drunk and disorderly,’ and spent some time as an inpatient,” Yanny said. “I came home and I was a mess. I was a huge mess for a good year and a half.” When he closed his eyes,...

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Angela Damiani: Building transformative relationships with inclusion to counter social isolation

The Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery hosted NEWaukee’s 10th anniversary celebration on February 8, highlighting the organizations efforts over the years to lower the social barriers in Milwaukee so that residents can build meaningful relationships. Since February 13, 2009, the social architecture agency has worked to design in-person experiences, with a focus on changing the way people connect in a socially and economically segregated city. NEWaukee’s initiatives have had a profound impact on the local community, from the Night Market along Wisconsin Avenue to YPWeek that has expanded across Wisconsin. Co-founders Angela Damiani and Jeremy Fojut shared...

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Corey Fells: 100 Womxn Project uses portraits to share empowering stories about women of color

100 Womxn Project has been presented as a celebration of diversity, resilience, and womanhood. Inspired by his late mother, Corey Fells set out to document 100 minority millennials from across the most segregated city in America. Fells is a Milwaukee photographer and artist who grew up on the north side of Milwaukee. He produced the 100 Womxn Project in 2017 to showcase individual stories. It was designed to collect the backgrounds of Milwaukee’s young women of color, express their growth, strength, and the cultural beauty that weaved their lives together. From a young age, his mother taught Fells that...

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Save the Trees: Group seeks to protect Dan Kiley’s landscape from Marcus Center demolition

Because the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts space is leased from the County of Milwaukee, the Cultural Landscape Foundation believes there should be public input from design professionals and a vote by citizens about how the site is altered before plans move forward with its demolition. The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a masterfully designed campus whose building, by architect Harry Weese, and landscape, by Dan Kiley, exist in harmonious equilibrium. Despite being an exemplary collaboration between these two masters of their craft, the cultural venue recently unveiled plans to obliterate Kiley’s...

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All options being considered if GOP lawmakers push to limit in-coming Governor’s powers

Governor-elect Tony Evers says his team is considering “all options” if Republicans use the lame-duck legislation to limit the powers of his office and incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul become law. Evers said he is calling on the public to reach out to their lawmakers to encourage them to vote against the legislation, which seeks to protect changes Republicans have made to state government over the past eight years. “We are looking at all options,” Evers said at a Milwaukee press conference Sunday. “Obviously litigation is one of them, but there are maybe other options for us.” Among other...

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