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Council President Ashanti Hamilton: On the challenges and opportunities of the 2020 city budget

Every year, the budget process gives us the opportunity to face our challenges and discover new opportunities to meet those challenges. This year is no different. Currently our fiscal difficulties loom large, and in the midst of so many varied opinions and viewpoints; I want to make my position clear. I fully support the City being able to diversify its revenue streams through new means such as increased shared revenue or a local sales tax. However, I have to express my frustration with the way this conversation is continually being framed. I am tired of Milwaukee being positioned as...

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In the rush to protect children from vaping the greater danger of gun violence is being ignored

Six Americans seem to have died from vaping. Maybe as many as 450 people in the US now have lung-related illnesses from using e-cigarettes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on the case, launching a multi-state investigation of severe pulmonary disease among vapers. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is proposing to ban flavored e-cigarettes that he worries are enticing children. It’s not a shock that a largely untested and unregulated industry based on inhaling various mysterious substances might have health consequences. Still, Trump’s announcement of a total ban on flavored e-cigarettes seems a little extreme. If he...

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Cavalier Johnson: Milwaukee residents are losing faith in state’s commitment to local concerns

At the beginning of the August recess I called to check in with one of the most reliable Block Watch captains in my district just to see if there were any pressing issues to be addressed before the Council session resumed in September. We had an hour-long conversation and it revolved around him and others like him losing hope. They are losing hope because when they report nuisance properties in their neighborhoods the time for rectifying those issues is now longer because of a recent law enacted in Madison (Wisconsin Act 317). They are losing hope because they know...

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Alderman Cavalier Johnson and family narrowly avoid random gunfire in his neighborhood

In communities across America and indeed in our state, gunshots ring out hourly grazing, maiming, and killing citizens of all ages, colors, and faiths. In rural areas, suicide by gun has cut short the lives of far too many. In cities, the blight that some have referred to as slow motion mass murder has altered countless lives. As normal as it may seem, it isn’t — or at least it shouldn’t be. Still, because of inaction, woeful indifference, or a decades long misunderstanding by our elected leaders at the state and federal levels of the need to reform who...

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Save the Soldiers Home Project gets $100K grant in support of housing for veterans

The nonprofit National Center for Housing Management (NCHM) organization announced on June 25 a $100,000 grant in support of the Save the Soldiers Home project, on the grounds of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center overlooking Miller Park. When completed, the project will restore six historic buildings, some dating back to the 1860s, and create 101 supportive housing units for veterans and their families who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless. The donation was announced by NCHM Chair Wendy Burke at its first-ever Veterans for Housing Initiative (VHI) Summit held in Washington, D.C. last week....

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New Studies focus on how to improve food access for diabetic African Americans in Milwaukee

One quarter of people with diabetes in the United States suffer from food insecurity, an inability to or limitation in accessing nutritionally adequate food, and African Americans overall are three times more likely than whites to be food insecure. In many cases, this poor access to nutrition among Type 2 diabetics leads to worse control over their chronic illness and more difficulty following a healthy diet compared to non-food insecure diabetics. Two new studies led by scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) will focus specifically on food insecurity among African Americans with Type 2 diabetes in central-city...

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