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Author: Anna Miller

Yacht Blast For Kids Supports Make-A-Wish Families

Medical illness is one of the few human conditions that does not discriminate, striking people regardless of their age, gender, belief, or race. Make-A-Wish Wisconsin held the eighth annual Yacht Blast for Kids on August 28, which provided an uplifting experience for sick children and their families, providing them with a welcomed break away from seemingly endless string of hospital visits, doctor examinations, and the unspoken social pressure surrounding illnesses. Since it started in 2008, Yacht Blast for Kids has become the largest fundraising event for Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, raising more than $300,000 this year alone. The 2016 event served...

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Michail Takach: The forgotten LGBT history of Milwaukee

As a medium-size Rust Belt city with German Protestant roots, Milwaukee was an unlikely place for gay and lesbian culture to bloom before the Stonewall Riots. Michail Takach’s new book LGBT Milwaukee, documents gay and lesbian heritage over the 20th century in the Brew City. The Milwaukee Independent spoke with the author during his presentation and launch party at Boswell Books on August 25. | Milwaukee Independent: What inspired you to write the history of LGBT Milwaukee? Michail Takach: LGBT history is hidden history. Family histories don’t favor the funny uncles; local history books rarely if ever acknowledge sexual...

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Salvation Army hosts second fundraiser with young professionals

Q&A with event organizers Matt Walker and Ian Abston, and Richard McKenna Echelon MKE is a local chapter of the National Young Adult Auxiliary of the Salvation Army that works to get younger generations involved in the organization. In hosting Dinner in the Alley at Black Cat Alley on August 26, the group stayed away from the traditional style of a gala fundraiser in favor of an unusual alley location and theme, which is more appealing to Milwaukee’s young professionals. | Milwaukee Independent: What were your main responsibilities in putting this event together? Abston: We helped form the Echelon group here in Milwaukee. Matt runs Thrivent...

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NPR’s Jack Mitchell talks about how Wisconsin started public radio

Wisconsin Public Radio continues to promote the public education it began a century ago. Avid public radio fans gathered in Boswell Book Company on August 18 to see Kathleen Dunn, host of the popular “Kathleen Dunn Show” on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), interview Jack Mitchell about his book Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State that Invented It. The book gives readers a detailed look into the history of public broadcasting in Wisconsin and discusses how its values of public education and impartiality continue in public radio today. Mitchell, who is currently an emeritus...

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Poetry in the Park Event Unifies Juneau Park Community

“19 poets in one room eat beans and rice. We talk about writing the whole summer: who has a new book out, how it has been received, and perhaps this is the way that poets in any country speak. We try to remember if they’ve reduced your sentence. What can 19 quiet people do from all the way out here?” – from “A Poem for Ashraf Fayadh” by Freesia McKee Community members and local poets gathered in Juneau Park on August 9 with a shared goal in mind, to foster a park and a neighbourhood known not only for its crime,...

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