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Julia Papillon: On following an immigrant bloodline of role models in the pursuit of happiness

As a recent University graduate, Julia Papillon draws from her family’s history of sacrifice and hard work as an inspiration to find her purpose in the world and help empower other Milwaukee women of color. Once an individual reaches a level of success or recognition in their life, they have the perspective to reflect on their path as a roadmap for others to follow. But at times, someone at the start of their career journey already has an amazing story and insight. These rare individuals are worth following, to watch in realtime as they grow exponentially. Julia Papillon is...

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Inside the restoration of Old Main: From Civil War Era care facility to a new home for Milwaukee veterans

Known as Old Main, the Civil War Era Soldiers Home has been undergoing months of historic restorations and conversion into new apartments for Milwaukee area veterans, and remains on schedule for a March opening for its first residents. A $200,000 donation from the project’s lead contractor, JP Cullen, on October 29 added significantly to …

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Tabulating the Results: An inside look at the official process to count Milwaukee votes on Election Day

A team of 400 workers assembled at Milwaukee’s Central Count facility on November 3 at 7:00 a.m. to begin opening absentee ballot envelops and prepare them for counting along with votes cast throughout Election Day. The entire 4th floor of the building at 501 W. Michigan Street was set up to process boxes of ballots, and designed in pods…

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