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Milwaukee’s religious leaders hold interfaith prayer program in support of city during 2020 DNC

Following a national Interfaith service on August 16 that kicked off the 2020 Democratic National Convention, members of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee gathered on the roof of Redeemer Lutheran Church on August 17 for a Milwaukee-focused prayer message just prior to the start of the convention. Because the DNC moved to a virtual format due to the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, Milwaukee’s status as host city for the convention was tragically diminished. However, the situation did allow for some unique opportunities. One of which was when Democrats came together for the Interfaith Prayer of Hope, Gratitude,...

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We’re All In: WEDC officials join Milwaukee leaders to visit businesses keeping safe during COVID-19

State and local officials held a news conference in downtown Milwaukee on August 5, followed by a tour to meet area small business owners participating in the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC) “We’re All In” economic program – which has been promoting public health and providing financial assistance during the pandemic. A growing number of citizens from across Wisconsin — including small business owners, local leaders, and sports and entertainment figures — are declaring “We’re All In” for working together to stop the spread of COVID-19. The We’re All In initiative is an effort by WEDC and its partners...

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Viewaukee: Interactive program invites residents use street binoculars to see city’s historic past

The Milwaukee County Historical Society unveiled a new and innovative program called Viewaukee on August 7 at the Milwaukee County War Memorial. With support by CG Schmidt, Viewaukee invites residents and visitors walking along the streets of Milwaukee to literally take a look into the past. Custom, five-foot tall street binoculars, modified to show a historic photo of the same location where they are placed, offer a comparative view of Milwaukee today and from decades before. “Programs like Viewaukee allow the Society to meet people where they are and to help them explore the past, especially as it relates...

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Stunning images from the early days of Milwaukee’s BLM protests show brutality and humanity

Within days of George Floyd’s murder by law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, Milwaukee residents joined the nationwide movement to protest police brutality. Many pictures taken at that time were never published or shown to the public, and reviewing them now offers new insight into those turbulent moments. Several demonstrations had already taken place by June 2, when thousands gathered in Humboldt Park to participate in the “Justice for George Floyd” protest. Over the next few hours they marched from the City’s south side to the District 1 Administration building of the Milwaukee Police Department. By the early evening, many...

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