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Alt-Right group threatens to assassinate Milwaukee activist Frank Nitty in effort to stop peace marches

Protests over the officer-involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis continued on June 3 for the sixth day in Milwaukee, with several concurrent marches held and a dangerous development that threatened the life of a prominent community organizer. According to information shared across social media, a plot was discovered that a White Supremacy group had targeted peace activist and Milwaukee-native Frank Nitty. They planned to track the June 3 march and murder him publicly in front of the other protesters. Nitty said the threat had been verified, and city leaders were aware that it was credible. The information was...

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Wake-up Milwaukee: If Ryan Clancy is not safe from authoritarianism as an elected official then who is?

Officers of the Milwaukee Police Department arrested Milwaukee County Supervisor Ryan Clancy following a peaceful protest in Shorewood on Sunday, May 31, after the city’s 9:00 p.m. curfew. Supervisor Clancy was filming an altercation provoked by police on his phone when he was blindsided by an officer and tackled to the ground. As an elected official attending the peaceful march, Supervisor Clancy was exempt from the May 31 proclamation by Mayor Tom Barrett, which was issued to maintain safety in the City of Milwaukee in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer....

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“Pop-Up” Drive-in Theatre initiative offers Milwaukee families a safe entertainment experience

New “Pop-Up” Drive-in Theatre initiative makes first effort to bring public entertainment to residents of the city on May 29, by creating a safe space for Milwaukee families to enjoy movies and live performances while supporting artists and local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. After leaving a grocery store and looking around at an empty parking lot in Bayshore when the coronavirus first started its spread across Milwaukee, local artist and community advocate Anne Koller wanted to find a way to bring people together safely and support the arts in Milwaukee. “We have plenty of empty parking lots and...

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Milwaukee’s Interfaith community members consider cautious strategies for preparing in-person worship

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the “Safer at Home” policy on May 14, and ordered that the state must “reopen” amid the COVID-19 pandemic without a comprehensive safety plan, every industry and community has struggled under the chaos since to discern how that ruling would be applied – especially within the faith community. The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee released a roadmap of policies from its diverse collection of members on May 19, addressing how different faith organizations would hold in-person worship services and protect the community from the coronavirus. “As faith communities either prepare to cautiously...

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