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Music, technology, and Christmas cheer combine at Cathedral Square Park to help end homelessness

Holiday visitors in Cathedral Square Park were treated to virtual Christmas carols from Sarah Fierek and Lex Allen, at the Singing Tree beginning on December 21. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Sarah Fierek, featuring Chris Crain, and “Without You Here” by Lex Allen were “dropped” by the geolocation-based music platform AudioDrops. The technology creates a convergence of the digital and physical worlds by adding a location layer on top of streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud. It enables anyone to “drop” a piece of audio content at a specific spot, making it a special musical destination. New...

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Video promo shows how MCTS helps Lex Allen unlock an inner creativity while getting around town

In a low key social media campaign, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) dropped an inspiring promotion on December 13. The video features Milwaukee’s music legend Lex Allen. The premise of the video is simple, riding the bus allows Allen time to be creative. Soon after boarding a bus on North Avenue of Milwaukee’s east side, presumably the Gold Line, Allen begins composing lyrics in his notebook. That gives way to an artistic daydream of a performance for fellow riders. “I’ve been taking this bus for as long as I can remember. The bus was a convenient form of...

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Michael Bloomberg visits Milwaukee to open campaign office as 2020 Democratic candidate for president

Opening his first political campaign office in Wisconsin, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with Milwaukee voters in the Third Ward and Walker’s Point on December 21 during his stop in Milwaukee as a Democratic Presidential candidate. Just under a month since announcing his bid for the presidency, Bloomberg said that he was working to restore Wisconsin as a blue state. After Philadelphia and Detroit, Milwaukee was the final city of his whistle-stop campaign of battleground states that Democrats lost to Trump in 2016. “Our campaign is going to make Wisconsin a top priority. Not starting in the...

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Community leaders reject SB 151 as State Senators promote it to embolden hatred against immigrants

Wisconsin’s largest grassroots immigrant rights organization Voces de la Frontera held a press conference with allies on December 17 at the State Capitol, prior to members giving testimony on the issue of Senate Bill 151. “This is a bill that was introduced in 2011, 2016, and 2017, and has been resoundingly rejected by Wisconsinites. The only driving agenda behind these national copycat bills is the private prison industry. It is shameful that as Christmas approaches, this is the kind of bill that would be introduced. This is a bill that separates families, and it promotes racial profiling. It goes...

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Wood National Cemetery honors fallen heroes with annual Wreaths Across America ceremony

Members of the community attended a special ceremony at Wood National Cemetery on December 14 to honor and remember our nation’s veterans and fallen heroes during the holiday season. The annual Wreaths Across America event was attended by Milwaukee-area veteran service organizations and members of the community, who coordinated the event to honor those affiliated with each of the services branches – including Merchant Marines, Prisoners of War, and Missing in Action. The history of the ceremony dates to 1992 when the Worcester Wreath Company began donating holiday wreaths in tribute to Veterans laid to rest at the VA’s...

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Mexican Consulate hosts first “Las Posadas” holiday event to celebrate community ties in Milwaukee

The Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee hosted its first Las Posadas event on December 14, to welcome the public and usher in the cultural holiday tradition celebrated in Mexico from December 16 to 24. Consulado de México en Milwaukee has provided much needed services for the Wisconsin region since it opened in August 2016, such as legal advice, passports, consular IDs, and voter registration cards. In an effort to expand its social involvement, the Mexican government authorized its consulates worldwide to celebrate Las Posadas with their local communities. “The ceremony has a lot to do with the Catholic Church’s interpretation...

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