2023 began with the fading threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in Wisconsin, the danger to democracy accelerated because of a gerrymandered monopoly by a corrupt political party in Madison. That authoritarian peril was echoed abroad in Milwaukee’s sister city of Iprin, where Ukraine faced a second year of brutal war crimes perpetrated by the Russian invaders. While taking place almost five thousand miles away from Wisconsin, the war remains deeply felt across America and at home in the neighborhoods of Milwaukee.

During 2023, Milwaukee Independent was embedded with three Milwaukee-based humanitarian missions overseas. In Jordan at Syrian refugee camps, in Türkiye with the Red Crescent after an earthquake leveled historic cities, and in Ukraine to deliver aid to shattered families and wounded soldiers.

Becoming a member of Associated Press in 2023, the partnership and access to content allowed Milwaukee Independent more depth and flexibility with its news coverage, especially with limited resources. The overseas opportunities developed because of extensive local news coverage, and that allowed a unique linking of the work abroad back to Milwaukee. Every report or personal story from foreign soil first began with footprints at home.

Because of this, 2023 did present a greater risk of physical harm for reporting the news than in previous years, and did result in injuries that required weeks of recovery for team members. During that time, and over the periods overseas, there was never a pause or interruption in the daily reporting of news by Milwaukee Independent.

The Year In Review (YIR) series has evolved from a simple annual feature that highlighted top stories of the past 12 months. It has become a more summarized presentation of important themes packaged together for readers. This collection of editorial content presents the work of Milwaukee Independent over 2023, in a way that helps educate and inform the public who may have missed the stories originally, or want to see how the dots were connected on related subjects over the past year.

This 2023 compilation continues to reflect the transformational mission of Milwaukee Independent, in a format that explores deeply personal issues and documents those inspirational stories that serve as an example for the community.

This "Year in Review” series that highlights different aspects of the news coverage from Milwaukee Independent over 2023.
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  • Year In Review 2023: Milwaukee's efforts to achieve social and economic justice in photos
  • Year In Review 2023: Local doctors assist Syrian refugees in medical mission to Jordan
  • Year In Review 2023: The impact of aid groups on Syria’s civil war and earthquake recovery
  • Year In Review 2023: Photos of Milwaukee's resilience and solidarity across communities
  • Year In Review 2023: Documenting the vast devastation in Türkiye with the Red Crescent
  • Year In Review 2023: The cost of surviving under the dust and rubble of Türkiye's earthquake
  • Year In Review 2023: Milwaukee still helping sister city heal one year after Irpin's occupation
  • Year In Review 2023: Being embedded in the trauma of Ukrainians fighting to save their country
  • Year In Review 2023: The pipeline of vital humanitarian aid from Milwaukee to Ukraine
This "Year in Review” series that highlights different aspects of the news coverage from Milwaukee Independent over 2022.
This "Year in Review” series that highlights different aspects of the news coverage from Milwaukee Independent over 2019.
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