In a low key social media campaign, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) dropped an inspiring promotion on December 13.

The video features Milwaukee’s music legend Lex Allen. The premise of the video is simple, riding the bus allows Allen time to be creative. Soon after boarding a bus on North Avenue of Milwaukee’s east side, presumably the Gold Line, Allen begins composing lyrics in his notebook. That gives way to an artistic daydream of a performance for fellow riders.

“I’ve been taking this bus for as long as I can remember. The bus was a convenient form of transportation for me, because it hits all points of the city at a very affordable rate. A typical bus ride for me is short, sweet, and filled with great music. Some of the things I like about riding the bus would have to be having the ability to see all parts of our city, which allows me in return to keep my creativity fresh.”

A love letter to Milwaukee, “Let Go” is the music Allen sings during the imaginative sequence. The journey ends when Allen pulls the signal cord to alert the driver to make the next stop, somewhere around the Walker’s Point area, which would have required a transfer to Route 80. After Allen exists, the MCTS driver is still enjoying the tune as the bus drives across the 6th Street Viaduct.

“As an artist, I find inspiration from the diversity of all the people on the bus, the pleasant interactions between strangers, and the ring I hear when I pull the cord that lets me know that MCTS got me to my next destination.”