Wangard Partners recently announced plans for a 250 unit condominium development on the city’s east side, where Brady Street meets Water Street at 1701 N. Water Street.

Plans for the development, called Brady & Water, are divided into three phases of construction. The first phase will have up to 70 units. The development will feature 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units, and include townhouse models as well as river home models with accessibility to both the street and riverfront. The location will also have boat slips and space for boathouses to store kayaks, boats, and other recreational equipment.

“We’re very excited about Brady & Water because it will provide a great living experience that connects the urban lifestyle of one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods with the natural environment of the Milwaukee River,” said Stewart Wangard, CEO of Wangard.

Included with the development will be access for the public, with a river-facing green space, and boardwalk along the riverfront that connects to the Milwaukee Riverwalk.

Brady & Water’s boardwalk will be closer to the river’s water level than other parts of the Riverwalk, providing a more natural connection with the riverfront, explained Matt Rinka, a partner at Rinka, which is providing architectural services for the project. Rinka’s design utilized the natural attributes of the location to maximize connections between the urban cityscape and adjoining water environment.

“Brady & Water is designed to engage residents and visitors on the property from its urban side and the river side, enhancing the street-level experience while providing better access to the river itself,” said Rinka.

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Wangard Partners and Rinka