State Senator Chris Larson and Representative Jonathan Brostoff were joined by a list of supporters in taking a stand against Islamophobia in Wisconsin on January 31.

The two lawmakers and other elected officials announced the introduction of a legislative joint resolution to condemn anti-Muslim racism and hate speech. An online petition was also created at in support of the resolution.

The Arab and Muslim communities, and those perceived as Muslims, have unfairly received the brunt of these acts of violence and hate-speech. The Islamophobia, abuse, and discrimination experienced by members of these communities conflicts with the ideals of tolerance, equality and justice that were cornerstones to our nation’s founding principle of religious freedom.

These images from the event, hosted inside Milwaukee City Hall, show the unity of the hundreds of supporters who attended.

“With the efforts of the abolitionists, the suffragettes, and the Civil Rights movements, the arc of history was bent to where we are today. America is closer than ever to being what we idolize it for, a place of hope for a peaceful life free from fear and terror or prejudice. A place where everyone of our neighbors has an equal shot and reaching the American dream. That symbol of hope is what has attracted new Americans to our borders. We are a great peaceful harbor in a dangerous world, but that history is now under attack. We’re here to stand up against it. We are here to stand up to the anti-American attacks by President Trump, and those who would excuse his unconstitutional threats to our country. At a time when the world is looking to America to be a light, we cannot turn our backs and lock ourselves in a dark room.” – Senator Chris Larson

“I know the story of hatred. I know the story of scapegoating. I’ve known it my whole family history. If the Donald Trumps of the world had their way, my family would have never made it to America. I would have never existed. My family came here escaping violence against Jews in Europe. We came here seeking refuge, as many more are trying to do today.” – Representative Jonathan Brostoff

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Lee Matz

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