The World’s Largest Music Festival kicked off its 2018 opening day on June 27, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to watch the annual fireworks show in spite of snarling traffic made worse due to a poorly timed Presidential visit.

No tickets were required to watch the Big Bang fireworks along the Lakefront, but choice vantage points were in high demand. With its direct proximity to Henry Maier Festival Park and Lakeshore State Park, Discovery World again offered front row seats to Summerfest’s explosive display. Prior to the fireworks, the Sailing Vessel (S/V) Denis Sullivan hosted a special trip on Lake Michigan. With no winds, the world’s only re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes schooner made a rare excursion under the Hoan Bridge and into Milwaukee’s inner harbor under internal engine power. It then docked on the southern side of Discovery World, offering guests a water’s edge viewing platform. These images share a look at the sail and fireworks experience.