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Trump accused of inciting domestic terrorism by calling President Biden an “Enemy of the State”

Ex-President Donald Trump was accused of inciting domestic terrorism following a September 3 rally speech, in which he called President Joe Biden an “enemy of the state” while threatening a “backlash the likes of which nobody has ever seen.” The statements came in response to the federal investigation into his possession of classified documents. Making his first public appearance since the FBI’s August 8 raid on his Florida resort home, Trump addressed supporters at a “Save America” rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he stumped for Republican gubernatorial candidate and “Big Lie” supporter Doug Mastriano and U.S. Senate hopeful and...

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Democracy is not guaranteed: President Biden sounds alarm about extremism by Trump’s “MAGA Republicans”

“With an opposition party that has largely embraced the lie that the last election was stolen and remains in thrall to a twice-impeached and defeated former president who encouraged a mob that attacked the Capitol to stop the transfer of power, Mr. Biden’s appeals to national unity have found little traction.” – Peter Baker President Joe Biden on September 1 issued a warning against what he described as “MAGA Republicans” and extremist threats to the nation, reminding Americans that democracy is not guaranteed. “We have to defend it. Protect it. Stand up for it. Each and every one of...

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At long last: President Joe Biden calls out MAGA Republicans for their threat of being “semi-fascists”

In a speech on August 25, President Joe Biden called out today’s MAGA Republicans for threatening “our personal rights and economic security … They’re a threat to our very democracy.” When he referred to them as “semi-fascists,” he drew headlines, some of them disapproving. A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee called the comment “despicable,” although Republicans have called Democrats “socialists” now for so long it passes as normal discourse. Just this week, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) called Democrats “radical left-wing lunatics, laptop liberals, and Marxist misfits.” Biden’s calling out of today’s radical Republicans mirrors the moment on June...

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Biden administration to end cruel Trump-era policy requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that it has ended a Trump-era policy requiring asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court, hours after a judge lifted an order, in effect since December, that the so-called Remain in Mexico rule be reinstated. The timing had been in doubt since the U.S. supreme court ruled on 30 June that the Biden administration could end the policy. Homeland security officials had been largely silent, saying they had to wait for the court to certify the ruling and for a Trump-appointed judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, in Amarillo, Texas, to...

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Wisconsin borrowers could get up to $20K in student loan relief with President Biden’s plan to cancel debt

President Joe Biden announced on August 24 that he wpuld cancel up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for Pell Grant borrowers and up to $10,000 for all other borrowers with an income of less than $125,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a household. Biden also announced his administration is extending a pause on student loan repayments until Dec. 31. The decision comes one week before the expiration of a pause of student loan repayments put in place at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “Here’s the deal, the cost of education beyond high school has gone...

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