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President Biden warns country that MAGA Republicans aim to cut health care for millions in budget

President Joe Biden on March 1 said GOP lawmakers could put millions of people’s health care at risk, honing his message ahead of the release of his budget plan next week as Republicans push for him to negotiate over spending levels. The Democratic president spoke at a recreation center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His remarks were part of a broader effort this week to contrast his administration’s priorities with those of Republicans who have yet to spell out their budget cuts. Using past proposals, Biden said the GOP could try to slash Medicaid and Obamacare benefits, as well as...

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Bloody Sunday: President Joe Biden’s visit to Selma puts spotlight back on voting rights

President Joe Biden paid tribute to the heroes of “Bloody Sunday,” joining thousands for the annual commemoration of the seminal moment in the civil rights movement that led to passage of landmark voting rights legislation nearly 60 years ago. The visit to Selma, Alabama, on March 5 also presented Biden with the opportunity to speak directly to the current generation of civil rights activists. Many feel dejected because Biden has been unable to make good on a campaign pledge to bolster voting rights and are eager to see his administration keep the issue in the spotlight. Biden intends to...

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Black History Matters: President Joe Biden condemns efforts to block African American studies in schools

President Joe Biden said on February 27 that “history matters, and Black history matters” during a White House reception marking Black History Month, a forceful declaration that comes after the state of Florida blocked a new advanced course on African American studies from being taught in its high schools. “It’s important to say from the White House for the entire country to hear: History matters. History matters and Black history matters,” Biden said, to murmurs of agreement from the roughly 400 people inside the East Room of the White House. “I can’t just choose to learn what we want...

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Kyiv Stands: President Joe Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine in defiant display of Western solidarity

President Joe Biden swept unannounced into Ukraine on February 20 to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a defiant display of Western solidarity with a country still fighting what he called “a brutal and unjust war” days before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion. “One year later, Kyiv stands,” Biden declared after meeting Zelenskyy at Mariinsky Palace. Jabbing his finger for emphasis on his podium, against a backdrop of three flags from each country, he continued: “And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands. The Americans stand with you, and the world stands with you.” Biden spent more than five hours in...

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Biden’s rebuff to Putin: I am here in Kyiv and you are not

We awoke on February 20 to news that President Joe Biden was in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he pledged “our unwavering and unflagging commitment to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.” Air raid sirens blared as Biden and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky walked through the streets during the U.S. president’s five-hour stay. As National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters, Biden’s visit was the first time a U.S. president has visited “the capital of a country at war where the United States military does not control the critical infrastructure” … in other words, an active war zone. Biden traveled in...

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A Day at Biden’s White House: The invite, representation, and ongoing progress of Building A Better Wisconsin

As National President of Forward Latino headquartered in Franklin, Wisconsin, I received an invitation to attend an event at the White House. The day was called “Communities in Action: Building A Better Wisconsin.” The invitation stated that the day would include remarks and discussions with Senior Biden-Harris Administration officials on pressing issues in Wisconsin. The only request beyond that of our attendance was to be prepared to share priorities in our community and comments on how the policies put and place and legislation signed into law by this president have impacted Wisconsin. Upon arriving at the White House security...

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