On July 16, the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention released a video to officially mark the one-year countdown to the convention.

The four-minute video, featuring elected officials representing Wisconsin, local business owners, and others, highlights the significant economic impact the convention is poised to make on a community that is already undergoing an economic and cultural renaissance.

The convention presents a several hundred million dollar opportunity to Milwaukee and the surrounding area. The Host Committee will work to ensure that all of Milwaukee and the region benefits from the event and its aftermath.

“One year from now, Milwaukee is going to host an incredible gathering that’s going to bring this nation together,” said Tom Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee. “A lot of what’s going on in America, you can see right here in Wisconsin. And that’s why I think so many people are looking at this state—and this city—for the 2020 election.”

The Host Committee plans to organize a meaningful and safe convention to build generational capacity, ensure significant community and minority participation, and make a positive economic impact on the city and region for years to come.

“Milwaukee is a great place. The strong values that people in Milwaukee have are part of their DNA. They’re hardworking people.” – Tony Evers, governor of Wisconsin

“Milwaukee is a great city on a Great Lake with amazing food, wonderful entertainment, and even better people.”
– Mandela Barnes, lieutenant governor of Wisconsin

“We were the first state that allowed collective bargaining for workers, for the right to organize, and for the eight-hour workday.” – U.S. Representative Gwen Moore about Wisconsin.

“I can’t wait to have Milwaukee in the national limelight.” – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin

“One of the goals of the Milwaukee Host Committee is to help individuals who are coming to this amazing city understand what a treat they are in for when they get here. We want to make sure that this is the most inclusive, accessible, diverse, and exciting convention that we have ever seen.” – Liz Gilbert, president of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee

“Milwaukee has often been called the best-kept secret in the Midwest. To have the Democratic National Convention come to Milwaukee is a way to put Milwaukee on the map in a way that it just hasn’t been before.” – Alex Lasry, finance chair of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee

“Milwaukee has a really amazing and rich history, with manufacturing and the ‘beer barons’ and the birthplace of Harley-Davidson—but there’s so much more than that.” – Tamela Greene, co-owner of two Milwaukee-area restaurants

“This is a great place where real people understand real work, getting real things done, and they care about what matters.” – Chris Abele, Milwaukee county executive

The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee wants to make wide-reaching and long-lasting investments into the Milwaukee community that will span beyond the four days of the convention itself. That will be achieved through a grassroots fundraising effort to raise $70 million, youth engagement incentives such as a $15/hour intern wage, and the recruitment and training of a 15,000-person volunteer corps.

The Host Committee has been commitment to diversity and inclusion, with a focus on reaching out to youth and families in every Milwaukee zip code, providing equitable access for people of all abilities, and expanding opportunity for minority, veteran, LGBTQ, disability, and women-owned businesses in a space that is anti-racist and anti-hate.

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Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention