Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) initiated a six-figure billboard campaign in key swing states on June 4 to highlight Donald Trump’s 34 felony convictions.

The billboards, placed in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, feature images of former Trump voters who declare, “I’m a former Trump voter. I won’t vote for a convicted felon.”

Gunner Ramer, RVAT’s Political Director, emphasized the significance of reminding swing voters of Trump’s criminal record and unfitness for office.

“It’s official: Donald Trump is a convicted felon,” said Gunner Ramer, Political Director of Republican Voters Against Trump. “This development will certainly remind the crucial segment of swing voters of everything they despise about Trump: his lawlessness, his disgusting behavior toward women, and his unfitness for office.”

The campaign is part of RVAT’s larger $50 million advertising initiative, which includes over 220 video testimonials from anti-Trump Republicans. These efforts hope to persuade Republican and conservative-leaning voters to withhold support from Trump in the 2024 election.

Polling has indicated that a majority of swing state voters, including many Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, are unwilling to support a convicted felon. Those voters are crucial for securing the winning margins in the upcoming election, similar to their impact in 2020 and 2022.

The billboards are strategically located in major cities such as Phoenix, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. By showcasing real stories from former Trump voters, RVAT aims to create a narrative that aligns with the values of conservative-leaning voters who are hesitant about supporting Trump due to his vast legal troubles.

The initiative follows the broader trend of increasing political activism among moderate Republicans and conservatives who are distancing themselves from what they see as a betrayal of their party and the overwhelming stain of Trump’s criminal activities.

It also underscores the growing discontent within the party regarding Trump’s corruptive influence and his stated goal of being a dictator on the first day he takes office if re-elected.

The campaign was designed to influence the upcoming election by ensuring that voters are fully aware of Trump’s legal history and its implications for his lack of fitness for high office.

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Republican Voters Against Trump, and Elizabeth Williams (AP), Justin Lane (AP)