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Author: Wisconsin Public Radio

Local food producers across Wisconsin work at adapting to changing demands driven by pandemic

Farmers Market vendors in Wisconsin are reporting a 25 percent decline in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused shortages and other problems across the food industry from restaurants and grocery stores to meatpacking plants. At the Farmers Market in Cameron Park, Bao Xiong and her mother Kia Lee have tables full of fresh tomatoes, baby bok choy and other produce at their booth. “We used to have about 64 to 70 items. During high season, yes, we do have 70 items. But this year we probably have about half of that,” Xiong said. Xiong said her...

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Two sets of laws: Civil rights lawsuit claims Kenosha police made selective curfew arrests

A Wisconsin activist arrested in Kenosha and held on charges she broke curfew is part of a lawsuit that accuses the Kenosha police of selectively enforced the city’s curfew, targeting those protesting police brutality while ignoring violations by pro-police activists. Adelana Akindes, 24, was arrested on August 26 as she and several other activists left their home after the city’s 7:00 p.m. curfew to join protests against the August 23 police shooting of Jacob Blake. She was one of dozens of protesters arrested and held, and her arrest gained attention in part because the group was picked up by...

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Democratic National Committee puts support behind Wisconsin voting lawsuit on absentee ballots

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee said the organization is “all in” on a lawsuit that aims to move key absentee voting deadlines for the November election. The lawsuit, which U.S. District Judge William Conley could decide any day, would require clerks to count absentee ballots that arrive after Election Day as long as they are postmarked by November 3. It would also give voters more time to request absentee ballots. “We are all in on that,” Perez said during a Zoom meeting on August 18. “We will pay every penny of that litigation. Because if we’re able...

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Jesse Jackson condemns Kenosha’s “system of racism in law enforcement” during visit to city

Criticism of law enforcement leadership in Kenosha intensified recently, with the Rev. Jesse Jackson calling out the county sheriff for comments he made two years ago, and the American Civil Liberties Union calling for the resignations of both the sheriff and the city’s chief of police. Jackson visited Kenosha on August 27 to show his support for the family of Jacob Blake — a 29-year-old Black man whose shooting by Kenosha police on August 23 has spurred four consecutive nights of protest in the city. Jackson played audio of Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth from 2018 that started circulating...

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Federal Agents use Portland tactics with unmarked vehicles to covertly detain Kenosha protestors

Police and federal law enforcement agents used unmarked vehicles to arrest and detain protesters on August 26 in Kenosha. According to activists, at least 12 protesters were arrested this way. A video posted online shows a man wearing a U.S. Marshal uniform along with police pointing guns at a van stopped near a gas station, then breaking the van’s window and taking passengers away in vehicles without markings or license plates. The people in the van were part of Riot Kitchen 206, a Seattle nonprofit that provides food for protesters. A board member with the organization called the arrests...

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White assailant shot a member of Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter march to DC while in Pennsylvania

A group of Milwaukee-based Black Lives Matter protesters who are marching to Washington DC were shot at and struck on Monday night, August 24, as they crossed through Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Tuesday morning, August 25, in a press release that they were investigating the shooting. In a livestream of the incident shared on Facebook by Milwaukee activist Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh, multiple gun shots can be heard. The video shows what appear to be two men standing near a street talking to protesters. “This dude is shooting at us,” Nitty says in the video. Later in the video,...

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