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Supporters hope bipartisan traffic camera legislation will help save lives in Milwaukee

Supporters of a bipartisan bill to allow the city of Milwaukee to install cameras at dangerous intersections say it could save lives. Reckless driving is a persistent problem in Milwaukee, which sees dozens of fatal crashes each year. The city is trying various methods to get its citizens to obey traffic laws, and this bill would allow police officers to enforce those laws remotely. If a camera catches a driver going at least 20 mph over the speed limit or sees them running a red light, the owner of the car could get a ticket in the mail. Representative...

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Tommy’s Train: Planning for Wisconsin’s failed high-speed rail project stretched over two decades

In 2010, a high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee was on the cusp of happening. Funding was secured. Contracts were signed. Construction was about to begin. But that train does not exist. The project was cancelled after the 2010 election, after Scott Walker made it a centerpiece of his campaign for governor. Even if you remember that it was Walker who wanted to kill this train, there’s a chance you don’t remember who started it. It was not Walker’s Democratic opponent in 2010, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Barrett supported the project, but this wasn’t his train — at least...

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Milwaukee elevates its standing as a port city with cruise ships visits doubling in 2019

Port Milwaukee ended its 2019 cruise ship season recently, welcoming a 300-passenger ship from Hamburg, Germany. Milwaukee hosted 10 cruise ships this season, more than double the number from 2018. The port estimates cruise ships brought more than 3,200 passengers to the city this year. Increasingly, Milwaukee has become a turnaround point, so passengers start and end their itineraries in the city, which has meant additional business for local attractions and hotels, according to port officials. “Milwaukee is an important and growing port-of-call for Great Lakes cruising, and that means more visitors, more tourism dollars, and greater attention focused...

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Import taxes on range of Wisconsin agricultural products to end under US-Japan Trade Deal

Japan has agreed to stop charging for imports on some of Wisconsin’s major agricultural products. As part of the agreement, Japan will get rid of import taxes, or tariffs, on United States products like cranberries and sweet corn. These are crops that generate millions of dollars in Wisconsin. Tariffs on other farm products, like cheese, will be eliminated in stages, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Karen Gefvert, who heads the Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s governmental relations team, said she hopes to see more trade deals like this one in the future. “More bilateral trade agreements are going to...

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Metro Milwaukee businesses face higher costs from Chinese imports affected by trade war tariffs

A small percentage of Wisconsin manufacturers export their products to China. But a much larger portion import Chinese components for their products or assemble their products in China and get them shipped here. It has now been more than a year since the U.S. and China became entangled in a trade war. One Milwaukee business that imports from China is Fyxation Bicycle Company. Owner Nick Ginster said the tariffs have significantly hit the Riverwest business. “On a bicycle prior to the tariff increase, you’re paying 5.5%-11% duty on any incoming product out of Asia. Now, those same bicycles coming...

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Election Commission takes steps to strengthen security of Wisconsin’s voting process

The Wisconsin Elections Commission unanimously approved a $1.1 million grant program on September 24 that aimed to help cities and towns beef up their election security. The program would make up to $1,200 in federal funding available for qualified participants to update operating systems or buy new computers. Municipalities that already meet baseline security standards could use the funding to make security improvements, like setting up a firewall. These measures are meant to protect Wisconsin’s electronic voting system and voters’ personal information. Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe said the sooner municipalities have completed the improvements, the better. Wolfe told the...

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