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Author: Reggie Jackson

Race Trumps Common Sense: The segregated mindset of the White Racial Frame

Common Sense: the ability to use good judgment in making decisions and to live in a reasonable and safe way. As Americans we take pride in being very sensible people and think that most of us are in the same boat as everyone else when it comes to common sense. Those lacking common sense are see, as oddballs. I have proposed for years that common sense is not very common. My contention is that we make many decisions based on our sense of belonging to a specific group. We try our best to do what benefits the group we...

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The Duality of Racism and Sexism on Display at the US Open

As a first year teacher I was unprepared for something that my students would ask continuously. For everything I asked them to do, they would ask the same question. Why? For a while it really irritated me because I did not have an answer other than, “because I told you so.” After a while I began to think about the inquisitive nature I had as a young person. For me and those I grew up with, questioning authority figures was not something we were allowed to do. The teacher and all other adults pretty much ruled over us and...

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Segregated Minds: How pandering to a Waukesha constituency with propaganda perpetuates division

“The greatest tragedy of segregation, not merely what it does to the individual physically, but what it does to one psychologically. It scars the soul of the segregated as well as the segregator. It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority while leaving the segregated with a false sense of inferiority.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As I have explored the ways in which Milwaukee’s metropolitan area has become the most segregated in the nation, I have grown to understand segregation as something much more than what people think of it as. Segregation is much more...

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Josh Hader or Josh Hater?

On a hot summer day, dedicated to the “boys of summer,” Major League Baseball (MLB) celebrated its brightest stars in its annual All-Star game. Our local team, the Milwaukee Brewers, was well represented at the game in a season that has been without controversy. On that glorious night, the spotlight would shine on a young southpaw, All-Star Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers. Unfortunately, the light did not shine on his exploits as one of the more dominant, exciting young pitchers in the league. Instead, Major League Baseball would get caught in the trajectory of a social media firestorm...

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In-your-face racism is back with a vengeance because it never left

“In just the past month, the following incidents have made the news: a black mother and her 5-year-old daughter were harassed by a white man in California who was worried about diseases in a hotel pool; a white woman assaulted a black teen at a community pool in South Carolina; a white man was fired from his job after a video of him questioning whether a black woman had the right to use a private North Carolina neighborhood pool even though she did; a Tennessee woman was fired after she called the police on a black man wearing socks...

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Not Conceived in Liberty: The Myth of America’s Independence Day

The nation is celebrating its two-hundred and forty-sixth birthday on the Fourth of July. This annual event, known as Independence Day, acknowledges the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence as the foundational document creating a new nation. Thomas Jefferson penned this famous avowal of connectedness to the British Empire. It was the most important early salvo in the revolution which created the United States of America. Jefferson stated the beliefs of some but not all of the British colonists in America. The Declaration was unanimously adopted in Congress on July 4, 1776. It began with these famous words. “When...

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