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Author: Milwaukee NNS

Neighborhoods see community improvements after massive investments in city playgrounds

By Andrea Waxman • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Six years ago, the play and sports areas of Milwaukee Public Schools were called out for being among the worst in the county. Since then, MPS has invested $12 million in rebuilding, renovating and making improvements to its outdoor athletic and play facilities. “These investments are about leveling the playing field. In the suburbs, a state-of-the-art stadium is a given, but in Milwaukee it’s not,” said Andy Nelson, media manager for MPS. MPS is in the middle of “a massive investment” in playgrounds, Nelson said. MPS is partnering with the Milwaukee...

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Wisconsin girls remain at risk for revictimization after trauma of human trafficking ends

By Dana World-Patterson • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service For more than a decade, I’ve worked to eradicate human trafficking in Milwaukee and beyond. As part of my work with Foundations for Freedom Inc., I’ve gotten to know the young girls and women who are forced into sex work and how it impacts their lives long after they have escaped that environment. However, in Wisconsin, we don’t make it easy for these young women to adjust to normal life. The average age of girls who are trafficked domestically is 13. When trafficking begins, the victims are introduced to a life...

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Sixteenth Street helps Latinos overcome barriers to successful substance abuse treatment

By Andrea Waxman • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service An estimated 80% of people needing treatment for substance abuse in Wisconsin are not either seeking it or receiving it. Latinos in particular experience a number of barriers to care for a number of reasons, including English proficiency, work demands, a lack of funds, and legal status. Statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that over 90% of the Hispanic individuals surveyed reported that they didn’t get help because they didn’t feel they needed treatment. “Language barriers is probably one of the main reasons why people don’t...

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Prevention campaign promotes benefits of PrEP pill that reduces risk of contracting HIV

By Allison Dikanovic • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Kenneth Wade said he has always valued his health. He eats healthy foods. He works out. He drinks plenty of water. In 2015, when some of his friends told him about a pill called PrEP that could prevent him from getting HIV, he said he felt that learning more about it was a natural and important step to taking good care of himself. At 27, Wade is a new brand ambassador for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin’s awareness campaign “Stay PrEP’d Up,” which seeks to educate Milwaukeeans about the benefits...

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Massive neighborhood infrastructure part of next phase of redevelopment for Westlawn Gardens

By Mark Doremus • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service The 75-acre site where Wisconsin’s largest public housing development once stood is roaring back to life. About 1,000 mixed-income housing units are emerging at the new Westlawn Gardens on Milwaukee’s northwest side. The first phase, which finished in 2012 with 250 affordable rental units, stretches from North 60th Street to North 64th Street between West Silver Spring Drive and West Custer Avenue. “It’s like building a small Wisconsin town from below the ground up,” said Paul Williams, Choice Neighborhood Initiative coordinator for the city Housing Authority. “It’s not just buildings. The...

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Study finds high paying jobs continue to elude Hispanic workers in Milwaukee

By Edgar Mendez • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service As the baby-boom generation retires and new opportunities open, Hispanics in Milwaukee should be among the biggest beneficiaries of the demand to fill high-paying jobs. After all, they have accounted for all of the Milwaukee metro area’s population growth since 2000, an increase of nearly 75,000 that offsets the loss of 68,000 white residents, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. But that’s not happening, according to a new study by the nonpartisan, independent Wisconsin Policy Forum. “We’re seeing their numbers growing in almost every occupation, but they’re still underrepresented in high-paying...

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