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Author: Milwaukee NNS

Milwaukee Police utilize Salvation Army chaplains to help citizens deal with tragedy and trauma

By Edgar Mendez • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service When Melvin Reese hears his work phone ring he knows someone in crisis needs his help. “I say a prayer for me and whoever I come in contact with once I’m on scene,” said Reese, a member of the Salvation Army Milwaukee Chaplaincy Program. Reese and other chaplains in the program, a partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department, are trained to respond to violent and often tragic scenes. Sometimes they’re called to a murder scene. Other times they respond to suicides, vehicle accidents or any other situation that officers feel their...

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A fourth-generation firefighter: Aaron Lipski plans to make diversity a priority as Milwaukee’s new Fire Chief

By Edgar Mendez • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski almost never became a firefighter at all. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father all served as City of Milwaukee firefighters, but Lipski said he never felt pressured to follow in their footsteps. “They said to do something that doesn’t beat your body up so much,” said Lipski about his father and grandfather. So he did, working for a few years as an emergency medical technician for Paratech Ambulance. Fate eventually intervened, and his father asked Lipski, then 21, if he was interested in taking the tests needed...

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Standing United: How Milwaukee’s March with Pride for #BlackLivesMatter changed the LGBTQ+ community

By Montell Infiniti Ross • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service With June being the official month of Pride, I reflect on the experience of being not just a gay man, but a BLACK gay man. I can’t help but think about the similarities between being Black and gay. You see, I have experienced being looked at as “less than” due to my cultural upbringing as well as my sexual orientation. I have been ostracized in rooms filled with either heteronormality or no racial diversity. Many times, these situations can create self-doubt. Sometimes it comes from where you would least expect...

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No returning to the old normal: A Post-Pandemic Milwaukee can choose a new path to a better future

By Frank Schneiger • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service As the pandemic shows signs of winding down, it’s worth thinking about the near future, which, naturally, will be here very soon. And, soon after that, it will be the new past. Here’s hoping that, in our neighborhoods, we’ll be able to look back and say, “We took advantage of new opportunities,” instead of, “Dammit, we missed the boat on this one.” It’s worth repeating the quote of historian F.W. Maitland, “We should always be aware that what now lies in the past once lay in the future.” In situations like...

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State Interference: Mayor Tom Barrett blasts Senate Bill 117 as a “vicious attack on local government”

By Edgar Mendez • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Mayor Tom Barrett called a bill passed on May 12 by the state Senate that requires the Fire and Police Commission to add members selected by the police and fire unions “a vicious attack on local government.” “It’s a complete misnomer to call it ‘police reform,’ because it is a direct shot at local government,” said Barrett, referring to Senate Bill 117, which also requires union representatives sit on a disciplinary appeals panel for firefighters and officers. Senate Bill 117, one of seven measures the Senate passed, also bans the use...

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A May Day 2021 Message from Milwaukee: It is time for leaders to deliver on promised immigration reforms

By Christine Neumann-Ortiz • Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service May Day, observed on May 1, is recognized around the world as a day to honor the dignity and struggles of working people. The tradition has its roots in 1886, when the day was chosen to commemorate the workers and martyrs of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago who were fighting for an eight-hour day. In 2006, the May Day tradition was revived in Wisconsin when Voces de la Frontera organized a mass march in support of immigration reform following the national general strikes that defeated Wisconsin’s U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s HR4437....

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